10¢ Shoes made from plastic

10¢ is my senior capstone from the last year or so. I wanted to see how far I could take plastic as a material and see if  I could make functional, comfortable and aesthetic shoes. For my first pair I made simple pair of Converse using plastic grocery bags and recycled old pants. For the second pair, I made a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s using the plastic grocery bags, as well as recycled billboard vinyl. I used traditional shoe making methods such as “lasting” and thus needed to use the vinyl billboard to add more support.

I just thought I would share this project to inspire others to make shoes and other things out of plastic. Let me know what you think. I’d love any tips and ideas for future iterations. I will make a video documenting my process in the near future.

Edit: I did not make the soles. They are just a standard cupsole. I plan on experimenting with upcycled soles in the future since unfortunately I did not have the time to make them in the project’s time frame.


This is killer.  Great job man.  Can’t wait to see the video!!  Make sure to show your stuff to the guys over at Parley.

love the shoes !! very professional finish.
Can do same for clothes, as most of the clothes we wear are made out of plastics.

Keep up the good work !!

i don’t get the link to the industry but may be this is a translation error of google. so please apologize my mis-interpretation.

however, using the industry as reference and justification is pretty out of window, or ? I think people should follow the initial idea of PP: make something neat, precious, something we don’t break or throw away so easily. Duplicating traditional plastic recycling with low-tech in the name of ‘lets save the planet’ is just one more arrogant thing to do.
Recently I saw as said people bragging around by using waste to ‘fix housing’ in poor countries, probably they got even rewards to actually kill the poor even more. I’d love to lock them in such house for a month, let’s see how they feel after all 🙂
The only other benefit I see with PP is people have a nice entry to a wide range of professions but thats pretty much it.

es verdad, sin embargo eso no ha detenido a la industria de construccion a seguir poniendo cables con forros de PLASTICOS , a la industria textil de hacer botones de PLASTICO y bolsos de mujeres,billeteras y calcetines con fibras PLASTICAS y la industria de belleza de hacer cremas abrasivas para la piel con AGENTES PLASTICOS…
siento que es una buena idea pero hay que saber ejecutarlo, ponerse mallas publicitarias en los pies es poco mas que atrevido

guys, nice idea but seriously, you want to put plastic on your body ? there is a reason why people want only leather or other natural materials …. especially if it comes to critical body parts like your feets … there are  people here around who want to make houses from plastic, this is just insane :open_mouth:

in a future society, lets say health and resources based economy, those kind of things would be all illegal, incl. the PP project 🙂

mi pregunta,algo tonta pero perdón: la suela tu la produjiste??

Those are really great. Congratulations!

You know, I would have thought the PP team in Eindhoven would have been first to market with a mold for a local clog design.