1st attempt building a shredder (wip)

I made this…. is not shining like your… but it was very difficult… all the pieces has to be grinded a lot… my fingers are burning… but… I’VE done it! Now i’m looking for a good motor and a gear reduction…
I said… work in progress. …
See you soon!
Attaching some pictures

Other pictures…


precisation: from gearmotor to shredder i have a 30:21 chain reduction…. so (i think) it is near 57rpm and 250Nm torque.
keep in mind i have a very aged motor… i suppose it have a very low efficiency.
now i’m only testing it…
I tried shredding a few bottle cap
It reduces them shattered very easily.
Now I miss the top funnel, the sieve below, and the system to keep the chain tight.
I will keep you informed
bye Bye


Congrats! shredder looks neat, nice pics. 2HP that’s roughly 1.5kW and 40 rpm that will bring you 358.10 Nm (https://planetcalc.com/1908/). I suppose you won’t have any trouble shredding plastic, although it will take time 🙂
Would be great if you can film the shredding process, in this way the community could grasp what is 358 Nm of torque can do.

Hi all, people,
Unfortunately i can’t upload pictures (server sayd i can’t 🙁 )
However you can see pictures in my google album: https://goo.gl/photos/pwUaB9SaTPEce7V4A
I’m near the end… but not finished yet

Bye bye

@tonymake did you have any luck building your shredder? We would like to see some photos or a video of the finished machine 🙂

Hello, unfortunately on the plate of the hoist is only written: 1400 rpm and 2 hp.
But turning it by hand I saw that the reduction ratio is 36 or 37 … so the final shaft should be about 40rpm. Maybe there are few … but to get started okay.

I’ve some problem uploading photos. … pls wait 🙁

Could you share some specs of your old hoist? I mean RPM and type of motor. I assume it has enough torque, but anyway, some specs would be of great value. Thanx.

I finally found the way to power the shredder: I found an old hoist and I’ve eliminated everything I did not need. Still under construction. Look at the photos

To Jegor:
I do not know yet. But I think I would build a 25 / 30mm iron tubular frame. It should not be difficult. I have to find the gearmotor first … then build the frame … of the right size. As soon as I realize it, I will post some photos

To Trent:
I made it by laser cut (my friend have a very big machine)

It was very hard to grind the various pieces because the project needed 5mm and 6mm thicknesses … but my dimensions were thicker. They should have a thickness of 149mm … instead I had 153 !!! I have sanded well 3mm of steel! Twice!

@tonymake, this looks nice, well done.

I am about to start assembly of a shredder as well. What will you put under the shredder? Could you possibly upload a photo of that piece as well?

Good work @tonymake! How did you make them? You said you were sore from grinding– is this all from a grinder? Or just grinding the welds?