2 stage cleaning process now

Precious plastics Albury Wodonga. I’ve been concentrating mainly on the mundane process of washing plastics, this process needs to be kept as simple as possible without a complex machine. Only posting on facebook till I get website up and running check out my posts for a different view and see if it will help any of you who just want simplicity. Or it might spark that thought that seems to be eluding most. Facebook precious plastics Albury Wodonga. I not just recycling plastics anything that helps you happy to be of assistance  , hopefully system will be finished in a couple of weeks pics as I go and questions answered. Sincerely Tim

_This is the kind of patio/outdoor heater I have.
Safety note : before firing up any gas appliances, turn on gas and check for gas leaks with soapy water. 

When it comes to dimensions, everywhere and everyone may find something similar in something unexpected. Work with what suits you best . For example I am a tall person so this suits my  height. BUT PLEASE LET ME SAY AGAIN THIS IS NOT THE FINAL UNIT. I will be modifying this unit into something that will benefit the entire pp community. Everything except the pump, piping and sump was sourced from recycled materials.

Outlet for hand held washing
Back view
The capacity of the sump  (The irony of this picture is the product can be used for recycling , but there’s no reference or recycling stamp to indicate what type of plastic it is. 🙁  )

Alternate screw connection for draining
Installed switch for easy on/off function
Brush and Tap layout

This is the pond pump and spec’s non pressurised. General overview of size and a view of the sump.

I’ve tried to get a vid of the label removal process. Might be quicker just to check it out on facebook precious plastics Albury Wodonga. Below I will post some pics of the first version of my wash station. I mostly have hdpe milk bottles, and this version was mostly aimed at cleaning those. But to benefit the entire pp community I designed it so I could easily modify it. The two stage cleaning process is mostly about rinsing shredding then washing. The label removal process was just to answer a question I received. Thanks

If you can’t get one of those heaters, as they are expensive to source new. Here is a relatively cheaper option. Runs on butane gas. Safety note, the perforated sheet pictured has a galvanised coating. When the galvanised coating burns off, the smoke caused is a mixture of zinc aluminum and maybe even lead. If inhaled will cause what we aussie’s call gal sickness. Not pleasant at all and can effect you for days. Source non galvanised steel, I just added it for reference.

This is the fastest and easiest solution to remove the labels I have found for myself. Heat gun or hairdryer will work also but will consume more energy and take a little longer.The day I shot this the temperature was about 6 degrees Celsius between small showers of hail and a light breeze.  The first is Hdpe milk bottle , the labels are much thinner than the containers therefore they react faster to the heat and the adhesive mostly stays on the label There are 2 layers to the label the printed information on 1 and the 2nd is the adhesive layer.The 2nd container is also hdpe, but has much thicker walls, used for chemicals. Different kind of label with only 1 layer.note the time difference.The third is Pet softdrink bottle and only has 1 strip of adhesive , and the quickest to remove. https://www.facebook.com/preciousplasticsalburywodonga/videos/531213340656055/