3 Sided Square- Bend, mould or screw

I am researching for a product build. The product I would like to make requires 3 straight lengths of 1″ square / solid HDPE – PP connected with 2 90 degree angles. Basically a 3 sided square.

I will be using a home made extruder machine.

In order to create this “3 sided square” do you recommend:
– single length made in 1″ metal tube then:
– Cut and screwed together?
– Heated and bent using a mould.
– Build an injection mould then inject from extruder.
(This seems like it would be the most difficult)

What do you recommend? Interested in hearing your opinions.


– HeyECO / Jason


hi @heyeco

for this id recommend injecting it with the extrusion machine,
you can make it out of 1inch box section in the pitchfork shape you want. and cut an entire face off, then weld
angle on to it all around the edge to create a surface that will allow a bolt on plate to fully enclose the injection mould. and then a make screw on nipple for it to fit on to the extrusion machine, ?