3D Boat Builders [EnglishSpanish]

[English] Hi!
I am Julián Moares and I am a naval engineering student in Ferrol (North of Galicia, Spain).

3D Boat Builders is a project in which I am working with which I intend to create boats (kayaks, canoes and similar) by 3D printing and with recycled plastic.
At the moment I am still in development phase but I am in an business incubator where I have advanced a lot with the project and I have already started doing and testing some machines.
My purpose is to provide water transport at a very low price to improve the quality of life of the people most in need and also offer custom designed boats for fishing and leisure.
For this I will use the shredder to granulate the plastic, with the extruder I will turn it into filament and in the printer I will create the boats according to the design that I will make.
Also with the injection machine I will make accessories for the boats.

I have to thank Dave and the community for all the progress made in Precius Plastic because without this I would not be able to reduce the costs to get the filament and be able to offer a competitive product.
I will publish my progress here and I will explain the improvements of the machines.
I also leave my social media in case you want to follow more closely: http://www.3dboatbuilders.com/

[Spanish] Hola!
Me llamo Julián Moares y estudio ingeniería Naval y Oceánica en Ferrol (Norte de Galicia, España).
3D Boat Builders es un proyecto en el que estoy trabajando con el que pretendo crear embarcaciones (kayaks, canoas y similares) mediante impresión 3D y con plástico reciclado.
Actualmente aún estoy en fase de desarrollo pero estoy en una aceleradora donde he avanzado mucho con el proyecto y ya he comenzado haciendo y testeado algunas máquinas.
Mi finalidad es aportar medios de transporte a un precio muy reducido para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas más necesitadas y ofrecer también embarcaciones diseñadas a medida para pesca y ocio.
Para ello utilizaré la trituradora para granular el plástico, con la extrusora lo convertiré en filamento y en la impresora crearé las embarcaciones según el diseño que yo haga. Además con la inyectora haré complementos para las embarcaciones.
Tengo que agradecer a Dave y la comunidad por todo lo avanzado en Precius Plastic porque sin esto no conseguiría abaratar los costes para conseguir el filamento y poder ofrecer un producto competitivo.
Iré publicando aquí mis avances y os explicaré las mejoras de las máquinas que hago.
También os dejo mis redes sociales por si queréis seguir mas de cerca:



[English] For the moment I have been working on a injection with more capacity than the original to make larger accessories for the boats.
It has a total of 2.5m high stretched with 1m of tube capacity.
Being so big I tried to weld the brackets to hold it, but the tube got curved. Thus, I made another one, holding it with clamps and it work perfectly. Currently it is still unfinished but I am going to use boat pulleys to raise the bar and a crank system to inject into the mold.

I will make a video explaining it when I finish it all!
I can not participate directly in Precius Plastic v4 due to incompatibility of studies but I will show you all my improvements.

Greetings to everyone!

[Spanish] Por el momento he estado trabajando en una inyectora con más capacidad que la original para poder hacer accesorios más grandes para las embarcaciones.
Tiene un total de 2.5m de alto estirada con 1m de capacidad de tubo.
Al ser tan grande he probado a soldar los soportes para sujetarla y se me curvó el tubo con lo que hice otro sujetándolo mediante abrazaderas el cual funciona perfecto. Actualmente aún está sin terminar pero voy a utilizar poleas de barco para subir la barra y un sistema de manivela para inyectar en el molde.
haré un video explicándola cuando la termine del todo!
No puedo participar directamente en Precius Plastic v4 por incompatibilidad de estudios pero aportaré todo lo que mejore via online.
saludos a tod@s!

Thanks for the suggestion!
I´ve been thinking in put an optical sensor already but for the finished model.
I can put this in the bowden for the fist model cause it is esay to install and usefull and it is very well explained in your link
Apart, I am gonna put a cam in the printer for visualize and control the process from the phone.
Any more suggestions are welcome, regards! 😀

Considering the size of those prints and the amout of filament you will need for each kayak, I would suggest to include a filament sensor on your printer. That way, when the filament runs out, the printer will automatically pause to allow you to add a new spool of filament and continue printing like nothing happened. I assume you will use RAMPS and Marlin on your printer so adding a filament sensor will be pretty easy

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Hi Olivier, thanks for your answer!

Yes, the plan it is print the boats in the printer at one time in one piece and ready to use.
I am creating a printer 1x1x2.5m (limited by the space of the room tall) to make the first kayaks and when it works perfectly, I will produce it to mount it in containers ship to be able to install it anywhere in the world.
I have not finished the first design yet but I have it on my mind. But it is not a problem because with a 3D Printer you can make a new design each time, you do not have to repeat the same, this is the point in favor.
By the time, I printed at scale some canoes (which are the easiest) you can see here:
[Como crear una canoa mediante impresión 3D - YouTube

](Como crear una canoa mediante impresión 3D - YouTube)and I developed a method to print the kayaks in vertical with a special bed too
With this, the type of kayak will be “sit on top”.

Kind regards!

Sounds like a fun project 🙂

Do you plan to 3D print the boats?
Will you print like several parts and then assemble the boats like legos?
Do you have a design of how your boats will end up looking?