3D design for Moulds and Printing

Good morning guys and gal’s
Hope this finds you all very well.

I am a 3D designer & maker based in London. I have been approved to submit products to the bazaar and I thought I would ask you what products you would be able to sell in your shop.

I am also willing to trade my design skills for equipment & or PLA/PETG filament. I am very interested in an Injector.

Talk soon,



Hello there
We could be interested in a trade of your skills to our materials. We are a social enterprise who are in the initial stages of recycling plastic project development,
We already have a well established waste collection system in place with buyers for the raw materials (PET 1 bottles and mixed bale plastic). ABS is being stocked and screened as well.
We have a new industrial granulating machine and are waiting on the delivery of an extruder and several 3D printers. We are also developing a filtered washing system. Our objective is to process the PET 1 to clean flake and sell as high quality 80/20 and use our other plastics as extruded material for retail or use in our printers or our workshops and training facilities for vulnerable people.
We will be requiring moulds to manufacture our retail stock so if you would like to chat further send me a message.