3D printed furniture from recycled plastic

Essence of the idea:
Using crushed plastic and 3d printer to create furniture.
We can create furniture from any garbage of any need.
In order to have an attractive appearance, a dye can be added to the crushed plastic. As a result, furniture made from recycled materials will not differ from the one that is sold in the store.

I told this idea to my friends, and we had a team of like-minded people who are ready to participate in the project.
My friend Masha makes a 3D model, and I do design. With us in the team is engineer Arsenii, who assembles 3d printers and programmer Bogdan, who is developing a site for this project.
At the moment we need equipment for grinding plastic, in order to print from it small test models. You also need the means to create or buy a 3D printer of the required size.
 For starters, we want to make interior items from PBAT bioplastics, which we can sell on our website. Part of the money from sales will go to implement this idea. Thus, we will be able to attract buyers to this charity project on waste processing. Every person who makes a purchase will be notified by mail, how the project is progressing and what has already been done.



Sounds like a great idea, but I wonder if it’s best to try and exactly replicate furniture you can buy in a store? It might be much easier, and could also give the item its own unique properties to make it in a way that best suits the process used to make it.

I’d like to see a large 3D printer that can use pellets/shredded plastic directly and avoid the intermediate filament stage, but if constructed along the lines of most 3D printers, it would take a very very long time to print a chair. I think a much coarser resolution would be needed, which would give the objects a more ‘rustic’ texture, but not necessarily a bad thing, it could be more of a unique appearance.

if you release the 3d technique than you chang the world of wase plastic. and you stil make money and name.
we will need you to developing this technique more and more

No need for filament production go for 3d printer pellet extruder and you will cut down on processing and tolerances for the filament to work properly in the 3d printer. If your filament is not correctly made you will have more trouble than its worth. Search in the forum for pellet extruder you can find a small scale version and then test your ideas and then scale.
Build an extruder and have a wheel at the end of the extruder with a motor attached, the wheel would have an open section and this would allow the plastic to come out when the wheel comes around again and is close it will cut off he plastic therefore making pellets. I will upload a drawing if people want one

We’re researching about how to bring this technique available to as many people as possible while still making a living out of it. We’d like to hear from people who have ideas about this.

How wonderful that you are! Is it possible to cooperate with you? We would like to do such things in Ukraine 🙂

Hi guys, I think the fastest way is to make a big plastic panels and use a cnc machines to created interlocking furniture, you can find a lot of cad files to produce practically all kind of furniture.


Very cool! That’s exactly the idea I was trying to describe. Is there more information on your 3D printer?

This is exactly what we do at vanPlestik. You can check out our website.
We’re shredding material ourselves or getting recycled granules or flakes to print furniture and other big objects.

Andyn, at this stage, it will be faster and more successful to fabricate the filament, rather than to design a new type of extruder for the printer. But direct feeding of the material without making the thread is promising and necessary 🙂

Hello fellow Ukrainian 🙂 Your idea is certainly doable, but in my opinion, the biggest obstacle would be filament production. Making it +/- 0.05 mm tolerant is a bit of an art, as i see it. (it is doable, thought). If you print with large nozzle (1mm or 2mm) – you will be able to churn out prints reasonably quickly. (you can look into HangPrinter if you want to print large items) Having said that, i would say much more realistic goal is looking towards making furniture out of plastic bars (have you seen the Precious Plastic video on it?) You only need a shredder and an extrusion machine for the latter.