3D Printed Shredder (Interest in Networking Berlin)

Hi all,
since CNC/ Lasercutting is very expensive and not possible in many areas of the world… we were wondering if anybody has experience with printing the parts, especially the BLADES/KNIVES.
We were inspired by the compost shredder: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:356580

Questions to be answered:
– Do the knives have to be printed thicker (because the plastic is less hard than steel, obviously…) It might break… (?)
– maybe less blades/knives, but thicker? But would it still work to shredd plastic?

You can’t use plastic to shred plastic (unless you are shredding plastic bags).
You might try a different material, like Aluminum, but even using the hardest plastic will result on broken knives and bent edges

This is just common sense, you can’t shred plastic with plastic unless its plastic bags, a plastic shredder will only be good for shredding organic material. Same applies to “a steel shredder cannot shred steel” unless the shredder is made of a steel type stronger than the one you are shredding. Just to give you an idea, we don’t even recommend making shredders with aluminium because its not stiff enough.

Hey Guys! I find this very interesting as an idea. I guess the best way to find out if this work, is to try it out.
You would be surprised at what actually works at the end.

I have a couple of questions
1)Did anyone try shredding plastic with a plastic shredder?
2)Did anyone contact the creator to ask if he tried or if he would be willing to try to shred any plastic?
3) Is there anyone in the community that could print this parts and try it?

Any other opinions? I mean PET bottles are very thin material and there are shredder with thick blades: