3d printing parts for the machines

Has anyone tried to use those to print the parts for the shredder, or any other machine? In the states laser cutting in so expensive that it would be not possible to do the whole project, I have looked at other ways to shred and like some, but the normal shredder looks like the best design for efficiency. In the light of this info, I was thinking about getting a printer, and printing the parts either with normal plastic, but as densely as possible, then only shred less dense objects, or using one of these new metal filaments. Has anyone worked with them yet? Any thoughts on that idea?

As replied here, plastis shredder = bad idea.
Also, metal filaments are not really metallic, they are made out of ABS or PLA with fine steel dust that gives the filament a metalic appearance, but it still behaves like regular plastic.

I saw a plastic shredder built sometime ago but it was used to shred veggies to feed animals or for fertilizer, but it can’t shred anything else harder.