4x dvd cases

using some left over dvd cases i have started to experiment.

i wasn’t at home so didn’t have many tools, but Polypropylene seems to be very similar to wood (so exciting, a lot of possibilities)

this was just a practice, stay posted cause next time ill have my tools to clean up the final product.


Hi @brendonscrimgeour, it’s good to see you started with experiments.
This looks like you used baking paper and had no press. Once we had our sheet press broken, so I used my own weight to press the plastic between plates. You could try it out.
Keep up with experiments! 🙂🗺📈

hey nick!!

haven’t tried any new moulds and still working with No.5 PP…
stay tuned until the end of the week, should have the lamp completed (it’s a little different now) and also one other object ill post pics sunday night NZ time.


Hey @brendonscrimgeour !

Did you manage to try out different plastics and/or moulds ? Looking forward to see how you push through experiments !!



yeah it is quite remarkable =P keep me posted if you get onto it.!.

so far the aluminum mould would only have set me back $10-20USD for clamps and aluminum =)

Getting the straight sheets is impressive! Well Done! I will absolutely be using it for a couple of projects I’m planning.

thanks @imuh

you’re correct, i don’t use anything between the plastic and aluminum, i believe once the plastic is completely cooled down it doesn’t stick to anything and just pops out…

but if that’s not the case, i recommend dish washing detergent.


loving the simplicity with your mold!!

all the best


Very nice work there @brendonscrimgeour !

I see you put your unmelted plastic directly in your metal dish in the oven; do you use anything special to prevent it from sticking to the metal dish?

(i have been using cooking paper or butter until now)


Also very genuine process to get those thin strips !

Will look into the process to see what more can be done !!

With other french people, especially @lamrock (if he is on the forum) we manage to put together a nice wooden mold following this picture

and here is the first try with it


Looking forward to see the next steps of your work; cheers!!


desk lamp I’m working on, in mock up stage at the moment.

cutting up some more dvd cases =) (upto 10 now)

simple mold i threw in the oven with welders clamps? works perfectly.

test #3 came out better.
pictures is of 3 coasters/tiles

white – first test, just heated up a few dvd cases in a oven tray…

yellow – second test, made a mold (poorly) heated plastic and clamped in oven, used a low grit sandpaper…

blue – test #3 made a slightly better mold (haha) heated plastic and clamped in oven, used 600 grit sand paper with some soapy water…

red – same as test #3, plus i used a new polishing wheel with no additives (just the wheel)… i was watching how to renew old motorbike plastics on a YouTube clip, and they polished it up like this, quite effective…

I’m learning a lot through each test and I’ve got some big plans coming so stay tuned =)

more experimenting with the same dvd cases, just remelted them down.
just a quick mold i wiped up, 6mm thick steel cut into a coaster style shape 90mmx90mm, curved corners. and a top plate and bottom plate forced together in the oven at 220-240c…

loving how it is going but needed to add more plastic for this one.

might go for 10mm sheet next time…

whats the best way to finish PP off? what sandpaper grit? wet sanding?

hey @armbouhali

when the pp was melted down into a sheet, it has similar characteristics to wood, more brittle and less/no flex.
next week ill be able to whip some more stuff up, and use my woodworking skills to see where things go.

stay posted =)

What did you mean by “PP is similar to wood” ?
In which way do you perceive that ?

yes @jegor-m, i did use baking paper.

Thank you for the tips.

ill have my tools back next week so I’ll be able to make up some molds with a weighted press, I’ve got so many different ideas now, and can’t wait to get into it =)