80 % recycled plastic bike – BTT – BetterToTranspo


Project title : Better To Transport – BTT (and also Better Than Tesla)

3th Prototype

For my graduation project in Eindhoven the Netherlands I have been working on a bike concept and prototype. (I am a starting designer)

The Concept: Access to affordable and good quality tools for transportation should be a basic human right. The inspiration for the project started in Mexico city. The project aims at providing an transportation tool affordable for everyone and re-producible everywhere around the world. (start up package for your own bike station)

Prototypes: With this project I created a press that can be used for pressing the potential moulds for the bike. I am currently still looking at the process of making the mould cheap and efficient.
The bike is a combination of the essential metal parts for strength and durability. On the other side the “waste plastics” are the main fundament for the bike.

The plastic bike parts are designed to be pressed in flat state.

As I just graduated I am looking for job opportunities related to recycling plastics or the help placing my prototypes in the real world and technical developement!

(Also I am a Spannish speaker –> internship in Mexico City 😉 )

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For info about the press : http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/working-heat-press-76-x-67-graduation-project/


That seems really cool, how do you move the energy from the pedals to the wheels?

Came across this cardboard bike:

Might be interesting to mix and match some technologies…

Awesome introduction video, keep it up!

Please have a look at the illustration video!

I would love to hear your comments!

The plastic parts of the bike are purely made by heat and pressure. I am still in search for more information, collaborations from experts to find out the best choice for plastic types. I have been working with Hdpe (more stiff) and (pp) more flexibility in the design.

What type of plastic do you use? And its only plastic or with other ingredients?

Wow, this is so cool :open_mouth:

very cool… keep me run forward motively, thank you

Awesome and inspiring what can be done with plastic!
Congratulations on bringing it to reality!

Good luck finding The Job!

This is a really cool idea! I hope you find a job related to this 🙂

I send you a private message Dovk.
I am currently looking at different ways to make moulds. Teflon – (PTFE foil) works really good as a anti stick layer. Maybe aluminium is not needed at all.

I really like this concept. I am working on 3d printing parts containing kevlar thread, and I think if you could lay in fiber, you could make the plastic quite a bit stronger, and therefore possibly reduce the metal. Of course, not on the working parts, those have to be metal for wear purposes.

As to the mold, I am getting a numerical milling machine at work, and would love to carve molds for you (up to 600 x 600 x 200 mm) but of course that would only work if you come to NJ. But I will bet you can find someone with a numerical milling machine who can help you with this.

If you want to go really crazy, make a clay mold, make an aluminum melter, and make your own mold. I just recently saw a beautiful job on youtube, but that is a few extra steps you might not want to take!

Hey thanks a lot for the respons! It is very cool to see peoples enthusiasm.

The other 20% of the bike is still made from metal parts. This is because it is technically very challenging to make this from something else. Right now it has a metal chain from the pedals to the wheels.

I am currently looking at making moulds for pressing the parts for the bike. Right now these parts are lasercutted in the right shape. Since a mould from aluminium is an expensive start I am looking at a cheap way to produce a mould. This should be possible since all the parts are flat like ikea furniture I might be able to weld a mould. I am in contact with this company https://wasteboards.com/ . They prove that moulds for flat (these boards are also slightly curves) plastic objects work.

Thank you for the link I did not know this company. Indeed it is an interesting idea for means of stakking. It has been something I havent thought about yet due short process time 😉

Very cool!
do you know about muzzi cycles? http://www.muzzicycles.com.br/muzzicycles-English/

Also the way you have the 2 wheels on the back I thought it could be interesting to nest a few bikes together? If the 2nd bike has its front wheel on top of the 2 back wheels of the 1st bike, that way you only need one rider and it can transport a few bikes at once. Like detachable tandem

HOw did you form the frame and parts? I love it!!