A little work with the injection machine

our crew was invited to show off at a local Maker’s faire – it was a good motivator to set aside more esoteric work and get back to the fun side of precious plastics… making stuff!
Here’s our project boxes – just big enough for an arduino nano and some electronics
Drumstick and ‘clave’ block for all the latin percussionists out there


We were right to expect a lot of kids at the Faire, so we modified our injection machine with a larger base for allowing more leverage with an extension on the plunger lever. Our hope was that any kid who can do a pullup could make their own drumsticks.  In practice it still took 2 or 3 kids hanging on the bar to really do it – it made for some good photos and nervous parents tho.
bonus: The base and plunger lever extension are removable so now it can all fit in my car

If you need this improved, please check an alternate design here, can be operated by kids with 1.30 m height, also with much less effort.