A material (fabric) shredder

I came across this plastic shredder because I was looking for a material Shredder. My idea is to shred used material and then turn the shredded pieces back into art yarn. I understand that the shredded pieces may have to be combined with pre made yarn for integrity and that’s okay. I’m going to try and use the plastic shredding machine as part of this idea unless somebody comes up with something else.


I don’t think this type of shredder will work well for fabric. The blades work like shears but there is a .5mm gap between the cutting blade and the fixed knife. The cutting action relies on the fact that what is being cut is reasonably stiff. If you have ever had scissors with a loose pivot screw I think the shredder will perform a bit like that and the material will go between the blades. Narrower gaps would help but the manufacturing tolerances would be difficult to achieve. The fibres will also wrap around and jam up the mechanism.
I haven’t got my shredder going yet (mostly done) and therefore this is just an educated guess.

Hi Tim No I don’t plan on using my plastic shredder for material. Material shredding was my original goal. That’s on the back burner now because of the Precious Plastic movement. Now I’m caught up and inspired by the idea of recycling plastic. Until recently I didn’t appreciate plastic as an art material. Now that’s all I can think about. I’m completely challenged by the idea, and I mean that in a good way.

Thank-you I wrote to them.

That was my original dream, to shred fabric and then re spin into yarn. There would be an endless source of material to work from. good luck, and I’ll let you know if I hear of anything.

Try giving De-brand a call; they’re based in Vancouver, BC. I know they’ve done work with Lululemon in the past for their yoga mats, and possible clothes. They also worked with us at Native Shoes a bit.



If anyone comes across a way of shredding fabric please let me know! Researched for hours but no luck so far. We are a small clothing manufacturer and have a stack of cotton jersey scraps we would like to shred and used to make rugs etc It is possible to send them off to a big recycling plant but they won’t return the shredded fabric so we need something we can use ourselves. Any ideas?