Antic city…

Here is the starting of my antic city, i’m looking forward to build a pyramid!


@slumberlander, this is amazing. I have so many questions.

Are these blocks hollow?
Do you machine them to make the pillar look or that is a feature from the mould?
The colour combination is nice, any specific items used for that?
Are you planning on connecting them somehow, so that they are more stable

no it s HIPS from a previous project. No mix in the form, but after wards i fill the inside with anything…

@slumberlander, I guess you’re working with PP / HDPE, right?
It’s just that from your answer it seems that you mix the types of plastic.

Hi @andyn,

the mould is about 30cm hight, and less then 30 cm in diameter. I fill it with plastic and compress it in an oven, the one you can see in the background with the jack on the top, it is made of a metal box with a gaz heater beneath it.

but as the mould is vertical it is almost impossible to get it fill entirely (from_bottom to top) with melted plastic, and (because of my oven) to get the plastic uniformly warm (see drawing)… so I had to cheat a lot by opening the oven during the cooking and applying manually the pressure on the side of the full mould,(using a piece of wood).

the mould is made with 21 half round segments as shown on your pict, the all difficulty is to get the right viscosity for the plastic, to high temp it will slip between the segments and get yellow and dirty, if the temp is to low it will not fill properly the mould and you will not get the nice marble texture…

the over difficulty is to unmould the piece. it can be tricky!

Looks really good! It’s hard to get an idea of scale from the picture, how big is the mould? Do you just fill it with plastic and then heat it? In an oven? (Is the oven in the background with the jack on top?)

Each vertical segment of the mould appears to be a flat bar with a convex surface on the inside (sometimes called half-round, image below). Do you have any problems with plastic seeping between the segments?

@jegor-m ,
yes the block are hollow, but i fill them with plastic craps like bags and shits that are unproper for recycling…
that is feature from the mould.
the colours are the remainings of a previous project…
I m building a ruin so i have no need for making them connected to much, i m looking forward for them to be heavier tho!

a picture of the epic mould of 23 iron parts…