Anyone interested in producing this with me

Around 25 years ago, long before the concerns that waste plastic would bring, I developed an overlap Garden Fence Panel and Post with a fixing spike made entirely out of Re-Cycled Coke Bottles.
At the time it received a lot of interest from the local and national press, James Dyson and from the BBC (these are the only 2 clips I can find) 

Unfortunately I failed to raise the necessary capital to get the project off the ground and ended up losing my house.
Maybe its time to resurrect the project in view of the single use plastic plight the world is now facing.
At the time I could manufacture a plastic panel for not much more than a cheap wooden one with all the advantages of a longer life, no creosoting/painting and saving trees.
I believe it would be a very competitive product now due to the amount of raw material available.
I can be reached on or

Thanks for your time,
Kevin Wheatley


Me interesa, que se necesita para poder hacerlo?

Send me an email Dave.
I may have something better easier and cheaper for you and still made out of recycled plastic.

Hey There,

I am an organic farmer in Florida (USA) and am looking to make fence posts and other building material out of plastic.  Mostly everyone uses pressure-treated wood which leaks arsenic into the ground (yuk!) and I want to make an alternative safe for the environment.  Did you extrude or compress your fence posts?  I’m looking to build the machines on the farm so I can make materials to make fence posts, chicken coops, tool handles etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,