Are there machines that are open to the public

Hello all,

I have followed this website for a little while and love the idea. However I don’t have space or time (at the moment) to make and store my own machines. Therefore I am wondering if there is a place where they have already been made and set up somewhere for the public to use? Like in a community center or a school etc? A place where I can take my collected plastic and make something without having it at my own home.

If this does not exist yet, I think it would be a great opportunity!

I hope someone can send me in the right direction.

Thank you,



I think the Precious Plastics machines would be perfect fit for a Makerspace, many would also have the tools (laser-cutter, CNC, welders, etc) to help fabricate the machines.

I used to go to a local hackerspace on their community night, but never could afford the membership fee. I’ll like try to join one next year or later this year.

If trying to find one near you, try keywords like makerspace or hackerspace. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, Make Magazine has a pretty good article diving into it.