Bag Iron + Mold Experiment

Planning on a experiment within the next 2 weeks with the iron and a mold.


I am theorizing that it would be possible to make a boat using plastic bags, a iron, and a plywood form.


First step: Collect HDPE bags.

Step two: Use the laser to create the parts for a wooden form.  The form will have both sharp 90 degree angles and curves to see how this will affect strength.

Step three:  Coat the plywood mold with silicone oil and or mold release spray (I have both in stock)

Step four, Use the iron and the plastic bag fabric technique, (like Daves hat) apply layers of plastic bags to get a 12mm thick test piece.

Step five: Document, test, and evaluate the potential to scale up to a larger size  canoe.

Step six:  Put in the pool at my subdivision and test.