Bandung, Indonesia


Im Ramdhan, currently making Shredder v2.0
using steel (not stainless) as basic material.
here is some progress photos and videos i made.
next time i’ll upload better quality.



hi everyone,

i already finish shredder machine.
i also test it to shred seaweed. turns out to works well, very good actually. since its soft the production reach around 100kg/hr.

very exciting to know other people around recycling plastic,
and… thank you for the reference, so hard finding stainless steel sheet in my town, maybe i’ll use your customization ;D
salam buat pak ridwan kamil!:smiley:

hello @ramdhan2805, I am Sarah from Jakarta. I just joined the community a couple of weeks ago and now I am still trying to find a place were they can laser-cut the parts that I need for the shredder. Is there anyway that you could share your contacts, as you have already successfully built this machine? Thanks so much!

@suryadiprianda hi Suryadi, nice to meet you.
We have this forum on Whatsapp group for ppl live in Indonesia.
we are planning to make shredder laser cut kit batch production to reduce cost. we need 13 ppl/set request to make it happen.
please contact my phone number 082126126420 or Zulfikar 081806392209 for more info.

Hallo Ramdhan,I am interested in this machine… I want to build one in east Kalimantan… Hope you can assist me on getting the stuf like the one you get there… Cheers…

Looks good! I wonder what else it can shred, we haven’t really explored that. Someone else here that tried shredding other things?

Your machine looks awesome, thanks for the pictures