the first presentation of my Plastic Workplace
I build a schredder on my one
the next machine is an extruder to make beams
Who want to enjoy

Kees van den Boogaart


Wow! that’s awesome! I love the colours.

I too want to make beams. I also want to have a go at making Decking, VERY practical use and beams etc use a huge amount of plastic waste which is awesome.

I will be watching out for your extruder in the future!

Plastic beam making

During my graduation process I made a visit to Eco Ho, a recycling company in Hasselt, Belgium. They have a very large amount of plastic beams they produce.
The way they make them is by pressing them out of a tube. Afterwards they role them out with a roller and cool the plastic down. This might give you more information.

They make benches, fences and more long life items for outside. These products are made with a full plastic mix, pp and pe and more!

@jegor-m Since you can’t really recycle it into a traditional way then you just mix it with used cooking oil and stamp out some paving Filipino style. Densified plastic from cooking oil
Then it really is the end of the road 🙂

@sharma-sagar thanks for sharing that video. The scale they produce at looks big compared to our small machines, but it’s possible and we need goals and Precious Plastic is the stepping stone to build knowledge and experience that we need to get there.

Keep sharing and shredding!

@sharma-sagar, good video. I’ve just stumbled upon it and it seems to be quite doable.

One thing to consider though what could you do with a tile like that after it is not needed anymore? Is it a bad source of microplastics?

You are right, most plastics break down in sunlight, but if the decking is one uniform type of plastic instead of blended like some I have seen on youtube then it could be recycled and re applied.

I was thinking of using SS screws instead of nailing, so that would make it easier to remove later on.

I read a bunch of sites talking about uv stabilisers and HALS but got very bored. I reckon just give em a crack and see how long ya get. After all plastics are better going a bit white on the surface on a deck than filling the guts of Albatros or sea turtles.

@waterguy @davehakkens @mathijsstroober Hey I came across this video on YouTube where the person gives a tour of his production facility where tiles and roof tiles made from a mixture of plastic, sand and dye are made. These tiles are strong enough for a car to pass over it according to the guy in the video. I think anyone interested must look into it. He is also willing to share this method and provides an email id at the end of the video. Check out.

Looking goooood @keesvandenboogaart!

@waterguy, A lot of people want to make decking, roof tiles etc. But not all plastics can be used since some types degrade in UV light. Maybe somebody should do some research on this. I did a bit See the cards in this topic but this is still a bit vague.