Become an Authorized Dealer

The Patent Pending "Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System" is proprietary and requires a Non-Disclosure to be signed before all details can be shared.

In short, we are seeking individuals who are interested in establishing collection sites in your community, working with non-profit groups who will be able to receive payment for their services, and creating a profitable business with our "System". This is a ground-floor opportunity and is available anywhere in the world.

The following video will give our Mission Statement and why we are seeking dealers across the globe to develop the business in their local area.



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Step 1 - Contamination and Co-mingling

These are 2 of the main reason why MRFs are failing and we have proprietary information that relates to the Patent Pending "Systems" which will be revealed upon signing a nondisclosure with Kwik BagIt.

The attached video link will give a basic understanding.

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Step 2 - Establishing a Non-Profit Group to work with

The Patent Pending "Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System" is designed to reward the household and commercial businesses as well as the non-profit groups who will also participate in a lucrative revenue-based activity that will be essential to the profit and success of your dealership. Contact us for more details.

Step 3 - Working with Municipalities and Re-Processors

The Mandate of the Authorized Kwik Bagit Dealers is to

  1. Reduce the amount of unnecessary recyclable plastic and metal material entering the municipal landfills.

  2. Improve the quality and quantity of the material that is sent to re-processors in order to make them more profitable

  3. Provide the Authorized Dealers with the ability to capitalize on the valuable recyclable material that is commonly tossed in the waste.

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