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Hi Friends

This community is mainly focussed on developing our projects. But I know there are many more like-minded enthusiasts with great ideas out there. I also know how overwhelming it can be to develop an idea, specially if you haven’t got all the skills yourself to execute. But I truly believe the first crucial step is to share it. So this part of the forums is exactly for that.

Start a NEW topic, explain what you want to achieve and find others to get involved. Help each other out, get feedback, share suggestions to build upon the idea. Don’t worry if it isn’t completely finished. Throwing an idea out there gives others a target to shoot at. It could be anything, a new app, system, video, machine, painting. Whatever pushes the world in a better directions is worth exploring!

Good luck!


when is V 3.0 of machines coming out? i thought today was the day

Buenas Noches estimadas/os

Les escribo desde la ciuda de Tartagal -Salta (Argentina),ubicada a 350 km de la capital y a 50 km de la frontera con Bolivia,mi ciudad cuenta con una cantidad de 100.000 habitantes, no se clasifica los residuos,están al costado de un rio y a cielo abierto , la realidad es que no cuento con el financiamiento posible para poder desarrollar la clasificacion de los residuos solido urbanos ,actualmente estoy gestionando mi fundacion para poder articular  dichas herramientas que nos puedan hacer avanzar como sociedad en lo educativo ayudando a generar empleos,conciencia  y un mejor cuidado del medio ambiente.Si alguien desea comentar, ayudar a diligenciar el proyecto se agradece mucho a la pagina, los comentarios y videos son de gran ayuda…


@PPme I just re-read the OP and I should be posting this as a new topic so I am moving it there. 🙂 will copy the conversation as it is so far so its not doubling up.

@ppme I am not sure how mining is confusing but the definition is: The extraction of minerals or other materials from the Earth, usually from an ore body, lode, vein, seam etc, but in this case, a landfill.

I guess I see it differently – the industries around plastic manufacturing are well established and the processes are pretty much setup. This didnt just get started.

I am fully aware that what I propose can’t be done just with these machines but I thought this thread was for ideas that did not necessarily use PP machines so shared it here.

I guess it always will come back to the limitations of these particular machines for some people. (I got the same response when I shared the fact we have been asked to see if we can provide 57 million bio-balls to a local fish farm… regardless its a great project that would see a lot of recycled plastic replace the need for new materials and provide jobs here in our local community0, all some folks could do was harp about PP machine limitations!).

The thing with PPmachines is they use the exact same processes the “big boys” do – just scaled down for more accessibility, so I have absolutly no problem moving a different brand/flavour/type into my workshop if it meets the end goal.

Please look outside the PP box, I would really like to hear your thoughts on this if the machinery was NOT the issue – which it isnt, all of the necessary machinery already exists in commercial form – I just want to divert it’s use to mining plastic rather than minerals but at this point cant see a way to make it “float” (pun intended)

@morethantencents, what do you mean by ‘mine it back out’ ? And no worry, this is normal, aware people go nuts easily – especially in dark times, watching this insanity going on in this morass called humanity. I make myself busy enough not to think about the next financial crisis or the next extinction, extreme hard actually – I grew up in the communism, we didn’t had this elbow & whatever society 😉 But hey, that’s the beauty of this very PP movement – it keeps you busy – reinventing plastic recycling for the little man at home. For now, I don’t see better than developing micro manufacturing devices and we just got started; time will tell I guess.

I wan to mine landfill sites for plastic waste…

I don’t know how (some kind of floatation process maybe) but I am in my 50’s and deeply aware of the 50 years of plastic I am leaving behind and the damage this plastic could do once it breaks downinto microplastics.

maybe if we could make it valuable enough then maybe we could encourage industries to mine it back out?

Thoughts? Am I completely nuts or could this be done and how??

@treezoon PET small scale processing is currently in development via 3D print (small & larger diameters). Those additional machinery will be announced later in October.

Greetings to the PP community, this is my first post even though I have been hanging here for a while.
I am looking forward in getting into the world of plastic recycling but I have one worry, nobody has been able to come out with an easy way of dealing with PET plastic. It really makes me sad because that is the largest plastic waste in my town.
I have even thought of cutting the pet bottles into strings just as I have been seeing them on YouTube, for weaving of hats, but I am doubting if it gives a good result.I really need to know a way of turning these pet waste into valuable and commercial products.
Thanks for your help,
Long live Precious Plastic.
God bless you DAVE .

Thanks for the response….i’ll check it out


Hello Dave,

I really need your help sir, where can i get the plastic waste recycling machines(Shredder, Melting machine and the moulds) in southern Afria? I am Malawian and about to set up a plastic waste recycling entity in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.

If anyone else on this forum has any idea please help.

Contact me via, whatsapp(+265)881936879, and cell:(+265)991317017.

Thanks so much and looking forward to your quickest response.


I am a new member but i must also say that i am a very open minded person who easily interacts with people and excepts comments and crticisms. So, whatever your replies will be to my request above, will help me so much.

Let’s do this and make our cities clean!!!

Hey guys,

I am a Malwian who wants to set up a firm that will be processing plastic wastes in the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe.

I really don’t have much knowledge on how to get started and i also need your help on how i can acquire the portable machinery whci i will use in my project.

I really need your help.

I can easily be contacted via e-mail: and mobile phone on (+265) 9991317017 and (+265)881936879

hey i am new here, i need some motivation, please feel free to contact me to schedule a call to talk, i am open mind, we could make good interchange of ideas, send me a inbox, lets talk about this….

Hello there!
Long ago I had the idea to recycle plastic waste from the oceans. We all know that our oceans are full of plastic waste. I thought about making laptop cases from plastic waste, for mac books as an example. My problem is that I live in Austria. Unfortunately, we don’t have seas in our near. Am I allowed to go to Italy, for example, try to clear the sea and collect plastic from there? The thing is i could take plastic from everywhere but i would like to clean the seas with my project.  Can I just take the plastic with me? I am not so sure about it. And after that i would shred the plastic burn it and make cases for laptops. Is this a realistic idea. I am not really sure about it. I would love to change something, to clean our seas but i don’t know how.

Hi Dave,
Greeting from Norway. I am disabled guy from Ghana but living in Norway. I would be most grateful if you could in touch with me to see how we can help me get the machine for recycling plastic in Ghana. I am so much interested is this project and I am prepared to invest into it because plastic waste is a big challenge for African leaders.

@gauir0702  The blueprints for the machines are online at the website.  Where as the parts/ machine can be purchased on  You can assemble the parts from recycled materials from a junkyard, but the best option seems to be the purchased route.  It is completely possible to use recycled parts.  From my opinion though it is more effective to buy the parts.  Also on the bazar website you can purchase molds.  It is better to use hard, metal molds for consistent products, but you can make your own it’s just a longer process.  Email me if you want directions for making molds (  Shopping bags can also be used, but you should recycle them using the more advanced methods because compressing the bags would produce more consistent results as it is a thin material and it is more difficult to break them down into a larger unit.

So real shit,
I am starting a club at a University and I know that is nothing big, but I am starting the Precious Plastic Movement as a club at my school and I am the main engineer/ builder of the machines so I have some technical work.  I want to build a phone out of these block because I broke my phone 4 weeks ago and have been functioning without it.  I have basically moved to only wanting a “burner” phone and it seems that it’s more eco-friendly to build my own.  I need help finding the part beacuse this is something that I’d rather do. Can someone please help me do this because I am committed to actually making a difference and spreading the word by showing people how it is done?  My email is or if you have an iphone I can still recieve messages on my laptop at 7023735893.  Please help me!

What if we could completely change a University furniture with reusable plastic ?
Can we do so?
The university is ready to invest, and we have space.
We have designers as well.
1. How do we make machines? ( manufacturers from India, please connect)
2. How do we make moulds?
3. Can we even use plastic shopping bags also?

Thank you