Berlin meetup

This is a call to members around Berlin to gather and get a community center sort of repair shop, but focused on plastics theme and general upcycling. So far environmental meetups are about plastic pollution, minimizing waste etc, hacking in digital robotics and the like, repair shops with the use of 3D printers for spare parts  but only little has been in the machine part. Lets make some sparks and get plastic melted into useful stuff! I got 2 injection molding machines and a project idea for a large scale 3D printer (oh no, not another one) but with an interesting twist. Lets meet and see what happens next! Looking forward, Michael


Hey mike,

I’m from Berlin as well. I just found out about the project here some days ago. I’m very interested to hear what your plans are.

I am from Berlin as well and if that meetup is still going to happen one day, I would gladly join!