Bicycle Powered Plastic Shredder

So i conduct a research about making a Bicycle Powered Shredder and im acknowledging you Mr. Dave Hakkens and Precious Plastic to your Great work about making  plastics to be Recycled again so please support me for the thing i need about your shredder because ive seen a lot about your Great work so please can you help me for the shredder😊😔there is only one thing i need the Plastic Shredder you do so please can you help me, and dont worry all the things and help you will give will be known by lots of people because im targeting to get a Best in research so please Support me❤️


Sounds like a brilliant idea, I would love to check out a prototype


Thank you for the Suggestion, Yes its Under Improvement😊 Lets make it Count

The shredder at the front of the bicycle should be positioned for better dosing. Add a funnel to put more material at a time. Work and aesthetics this bike?


**So as the past months the picture showing  above my Research Output that i’ve been working with its called Bicycle Powered Plastic Shredder😊i started working with it since, i think December🤔 when my Research title that ive submitted and approve by my teacher that is the time when i was started gathering information about how to built it and then when i was looking at some source i found David Hakkens master kit all the needs and information and blueprint are there so Thank You Mr.Dave Hakkens😇 so i use a design of blades that shown in Master kit on how to build a Shredder machine i only use the Blades Design nothing else then i focus on designing my own bicycle shredder i gather more data from other reseacher then as my foundation literature i found Katharinaelleke work at **Dave Hakkens Community **she design a bicycle powered plastic shredder too😊 then more and more challenge comes to my workplace because of lack of other component that i needed in building it so i have lot of option and finding ways to make it possible to make i also equipment Like Grinder, Impact Drill and Welding Machine😁 so the time passes i also incounter lot of difficulties building it because my twin brother have dengue fever and the deadline of the submission of the output is nearly next that week and i have to present it then after that thank God Because my Twin Brother is Safe he is my Group mate in research and we are only two working with it, its almost 3 months gathering and building that Bicycle Powered Plasctic Shredder but yes we make it till the Deadline and Im Happy Becauae they really appriciate it even we are two members only they are proud and thats the Help of you Guys About this Dave Hakkens Community Thank you So Much😇 Godbless us all and this Coming Next will be the Final Defence and im testing it now on Plastic like HDPE and LDPE i will observe on how they Shred, Lets make a World a better place​:heart:✨ Lets Make Impossible to make it possible🥀

So what do you want achieve exactly

I would like to thank Katharinaelleke for her Bicycle powered Shredder too😇 Support her too

Here is the Bicycle Powered Plastic Shredder ive been working with😊****