Bike tire cutter (Upcycling tires into belt)

HEllo Dave and the rest of the community. I had a similar open source idea back in 2013 and started developing a bike tire cutter to cut tires into belts by separating the rubber from the rim. I made this tutorial,, a while ago with the intention of teaching diy bike mechanics and other people of interest to upcycle tires into belts. Is anyone interested in collaborating by developing this tire cutter further? I have had several ideas of how to make this thing. I’ve attached a picture of one of the designs. It is a front wheel fork attached to the stand of one of those electrical ventilators. The blades are attached to a wooden block that is attached where the front light and wheel guard normally goes. My idea was to electrically heat the blades to get a smoother cut with less friction and to make the wheel turn by attaching a micro-controlled stepper motor. The objective is get a straight and clean cut at both sides.

Perhaps this bike tire rubber can be shredded and extruded or injected as well!


cool project! Haven’t worked with old tires yet. But i do think you can’t re-melt that rubber. Anyone knows?

YEah, I looked it up – It isn’t re-meltable… but nevertheless upcycleable. I think I’ll just continue playing around with the tire cutter…