Biodiesel from waste plastic

I came across these on YouTube about making biodiesel from waste plastic:

Another video looked like he was just basically using a combination of fractional and reflux distillation: Make your own Free Diesel from Waste Plastic! PART 1 - YouTube

I am not sure about my ability to produce the concept myself seeing as my landlord is selling my rental soon and I will be renting again. I am posting just in case anyone else is interested in taking on a project like this.



I am aware of the irony this is far from being carbon neutral and plastics also being a limited resource, but just look at it this way:

If every city switched to ‘gassing’ it’s plastic waste, oil prices would collapse, making it more proffitable to start investing in renewable energy.


I know this sounds counter intuitive, but as @davehakkens pointed out in his “My perspective on profit #storyhopper”-video ( My perspective on profit #storyhopper - YouTube ), companies will always choose their self interest over others.

A cheaper product, means less profit, and I predict companies WILL jump on the bandwagon of more expensive renewable energy, demonizing cheap fuel from waste in the process, by buying lobbying political changes to even make using fossil fuels illegal (!)

I say: “Burn, baby, burn!”