BioEthanol Project to help rural people in Kenya

Hi Everyone
This is a project I shared with Dave Aug last year when he was traveling. Dave suggested me to post this project to this community and find like-minded people.

So, I hope to hear from “like-minded people” 🙂

Can anyone help on a new project and business I am working with a partner in Kenya to help the local communities.

Project Idea and Purpose:
1. Our plan is to put up a pilot plant for bio-ethanol production using sugar cane by-product available next to the land of my partner.
2. Converting sugar cane by-product (molasses) into bio-ethanol for healthy cooking and power generation.
3. We intend to support the poor with lowest product prices and bank installment while keeping our business sustainable.
4. My manufacturing partner in China can help supply the Low Cost Ethanol Cooking Stove we have identified for this purpose.
5. I intend to introduce LEDs from India, China or Taiwan where they can be obtained at low cost from LED manufacturing partners who will support this project.
6. Our target is to install many of such systems for the rural communities to help improve their living quality.

1. The bio-ethanol cooking stove will help eliminate serious health issues and potential fire hazard associated with firewood and kerosene which the rural households are using currently.
2. The ethanol can also be used to generate electricity for the homes. Together with LEDs, we will help them reduce 80% electricity cost.

1. My partner in Kenya owns a 100-acre land besides a sugar cane mill and we have good access to the molasses (a sugar cane by-product) next to his land.
2. He already came out with full business plan for the project and we just need investment.
3. I am connected to bioethanol facility manufacturer who could make small scale low cost machines for our project.
4. My manufacturing partner should be able to invest for the manufacturing and keeping inventory of stove and other related products.

Please consider helping this project with a campaign for fund raising. I anticipate we will need about US$500K for a small pilot system. Our project will provide the funding supporters with company shares and profits based on terms. I believe the company must grow in order to support more such projects, to help more people.

Please let me know if anyone interested in supporting this good deeds for mutual benefits.

Will be happy to discuss.



Hey @yong, that sounds like a great project!!
I would love to help out myself, but am too busy at the moment.
Anyway, I will ask around in my university (faculty for design), maybe I can find some interested people to set up a crowdfunding campaign.

Have you asked institutions like UNEP (Nairobi) or also Worldvision?
As far as I know they are always interested in supporting such projects.
(I might even have a contact from someone working for Worldvision, if you’re interested?).

I just found out about Bio Ethanol from David Blume on the radio. They should know about YOU and your stoves!

Hi yong
Could you sell the Low Cost Ethanol Cooking Stove and leds as a kit for rural areas of 1st world countries and with the profits start the project. I thought I would put that idea in the ring it is how some people who do startups fund thier idea they sell other things to raise cash which in turn funds their own project.

So how does this have to do with reclycling plastic ?

If you wanna cook : recycle too : recycle agricultural waste

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Dear Katharina
I am very happy to hear from you and your kind concerns about the project.

So far, my partner had tried “” and “” but have not been successful. One of the reasons we got is: “…unfortunately it has not passed to the next stage of our application process….due to the overwhelming number of applications received, we are unable to provide more information or comments on your application.”

We have not tried UNEP (Nairobi) or also Worldvision. If you could help through someone you know, that would be awesome. I certainly love to hear more from you.