Bowl molding

Found two identical enameled bowls at the thrift store to experiment with as a mold.
Seems like a useful material the plastic doesn’t stick to…

To be able to squeeze the plastic pallets together after heating, I attached screw-thread.
It’s in the oven right now. I expect it needs about 90 min at 200 degrees Celsius.

I will keep you guys posted!


Bowl in the oven!


I only used steel bowls as mold.
The first pictures are enameled bowls.


Thanks a lot!
Appreciate that 😀


I had the same. Sometimes it was really impossible to remove the plastic from the mold… It literally cost me some molds 🙁
Didn’t find the reason for that. Think it has to do with the time in the oven and temperature. It also depends on which materials. It seems that some are more sticky than others.

There are sprays on the market to spray your mold and prevent it from sticking to the plastic. It sounds really chemical to me and tried it one without result. But maybe I had the wrong one or didn’t use it the right way.


I believe I used Polypropylene for the bowls but don’t know if this material is dishwasher save. Only one way to find out. Building the machine and make them 😉

Hi Dave, these are some awesome work. When I tried I had an issue of plastic sticking to the mould. Did you face the same and how did you bypass that issue??

Like all your stuff you post.
Thanks for sharing!

Are the last two just steel bowls?

These are awesome. As a millennial, its tough saving money and this is a cheap way to make household materials. The main thing I am interested in is if the plastics used for dishes and possibly for utensils is dishwasher safe. This is something that just saves time in busy lives and is definitely a luxury, however would be nice to know what types of plastic and the success that you have had with them in this scenario. I currently do not have the ability to start but would like to keep up on this research.

Simply saw away the crusty edges with the belt saw and sandpaper it.
You can peel of the rough edge that will remain, with your nail.

The bowl-molding technique does not always works perfectly.
Guess this one was in the oven too long…

Found a faster and easier way to press the two bowls together.
Four clamps will do the job. It saves a lot of tightening nuts and the result is nice 😉

After testing some different oven settings and plastic volumes, I’m pretty proud with the result!

Good busy Pim!!!

Waiting for the pictures of your today’s experiments……

Not bad for a very first sample 🙂