As a business owner who, yes seeks profits, I believe a sustainable efforts needs to make good economic sense. I own a company that innovates in the area of efficient construction materials and want to create a product line of BRICKS FOR CONSTRUCTION from recycled plastic. Here are the key elements of the business plan:
1. Create a two tier production process in neighborhoods. First tier would be the individual homes to separate and shred the plastic in an organized manner. The second tier would be a committed neighbor who would, in his garage, receive the shredded plastic and mold it into BRICKS. We would buy and collect the BRICKS and be responsible to sell them to contractors.
2. We need to design a very safe and inexpensive (~US$100) home based shredding machine and a safe and inexpensive (~US$300) garage based molding machine.
Please help me shot down, improve, shot down, improve 5 times this idea so we can make it a reality. Thanks


We are interested in the same concept in El Paso, Texas.  Any advice?

Hi all!

I am also willing to produce plastic bricks. I have a compresion already and want to get a mould for the bricks.
In one of the monthly news the crew was making some tests, but I dont know how it ends.
Somebody now about it, it could be possible to get a design already tested so we can make the mould in our own place?

Thanks for your help! I really like the idea to build my house with recycled plstic. In the island I live there is so much plastic to use!
I appreciate your informations,

sounds like a great i dea
who can make the moulds for the bricks as we need to have the bricks to be interlocking like similar to the childrens building blocks lego as these blocks is the only way you would be bale to buld a lasting construction and make them a standard size or essentially the same size as normal clay bricks
we are on Cyprus and also need to get our hands on all the equipment to statrt this project
any body that can supply me with all the machines ?? will be appreciated
I will also at a later stage put up the dimentions and design of my product
with bricks it is not only houses but chairs tables garden walls and many other products that can be made
the idea of each person doing his own collection and scredding is brilliant

Please go onto the FB page, Habitat Africa. They’ve already done it building houses. Brilliant

What types of plastic are you using for the bricks? I am interested in doing this too. But, I would also like to know, is anything going to leach out of the plastics into the soil?

I researched about producing plastic brick and I realize we can mix plastic and sand. Try it and good luck.

Have had some success with bricks not sure on strengths yet still need to do more testing