Build arrow stuf from plastic

Hello all
I have a idea for plastic trash to suport my hobies in archery , sorry if my english was bad , i want make my arrow stuf like poit, shaft, and nock all from plastic , but now i can’n do that because i have yet tools to build it , i hope i can build it


I have looked at this too, I haven’t seen any plastic arrow shafts on the net. I have seen some crossbow bolts but not full arrows. Does this means plastic doesn’t have the right properties? I have no idea. As for nocks and tips they must be able to be used. I was also wondering if a take down bow could use a plastic grip to attach wooden or fibreglass limbs to? You could make some type of quiver, bow case, what about fletches?
I like archery but have very little time or money, quite sad really.

I do archery and plastic nocks are common, they have to be accurately made of course, but should be possible with good mouldmaking techniques.

As for arrow tips I wouldn’t have thought so, and shafts probably not either, though there are specialist things such as large ‘blunt tips’ to stop the arrow sticking into the target (or the ground). The weight would have to be finely matched.

Fletchings are often made of a soft thin plastic, possibly LDPE?

Handle risers need to be very strong, they should not even flex at all. It might be possible with some reinforcement such as fibreglass.