Build machines in Bristol, UK

Hi there,

I am based at the Bristol Hackspace and looking for interested people to get involved in helping me make these machines? It’s a great way to clean up the environment and make cool stuff at the same time. If you interested get in touch!


I’m not sure if you’ve built the machines yet, but I am moving to Bristol next August and would be super keen to get involved in a Precious Plastics project. I’m not much of a machine builder, but I am creative and hands on and would love to get involved. Let me know if you’ve made any progress, and if I might be able to help (I know it’s quite far in the future but I’m living in Canada this year).

Many thanks,

Hi there, I’m moving to Bristol this summer from The Netherlands. I’ll have quite a lot of time on my hands in the first few months and Im def. up for setting this up. Im not a builder, but I can do PR, Social media, contact ppl for subsidies and any organisational work. I am also interested in setting up an educational programme, if possible. Has anything been set up in Bristol yet that I can join?


I’m also keen to see this set up in Bristol and would love to be involved! Actually I emailed the hack space mailing list yesterday to try to find people who would be interested…



Heyy, has this taken off? I live and work in Bristol and think this would be an amazing project to start and would be really well received here, what do you think about meeting up and have a chat about it over a bevvy???

my email is if you are still interested…

Hi there, I live in London

I am building the shredder now as a start but I find out you can buy a used mini shredder in ebay at similar price, FYI 🙂