Build the machine in Korea, republic of

Hi, We are design studio based in Seoul, Korea.(of course republic of)
It’s been a month we started building. Also we will translate the project for korean.

Monophase motor(1HP, 1/60 ratio) is used for shredder.



Thanks very much.


@jorgen111 compression molding has to be slow. You can accelerate the process by increasing the temperature, but that might burn/ruin your plastic product.
If you want something that works a little faster, you might look at the Injection machine instead.


I’ve been looking at the compression vid. The macine works rather slowly. I was wondering if there’s a way to make it work a bit faster. I’m hoping to produce different items at a faster pace.



Thanks for your reply. I sent you an email. We’ll be in touch.


Your shredder looks awesome, if you have any pictures or videos of the shredder in function we would love to see them


Sorry Jorgen, that was wrong address, just fix it above.
You know, there are many upcycled works and products in Korea now.
Wish we could help your business.
Best regards.


Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned, my wife, who is Korean, and I are thinking of starting a recycling business in Korea. I came across the pix of your machines on the davehakkens site, and I think that we can use your knowledge and expertise to build those machines. The fact is, I am thinking of having the machines that can recycle shred and mold the plastic materials that we collect, making them into re-usable objects. I think it is best that I visit you in person. I will be in Korea by the end of this year. I will be in touch. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. BTW, your email address seems to be wrong. I tried emailing you at the email address that you have provided, but it kept bouncing back.

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So glad to hear you come. If you want please visit our studio!
We welcome your all questions. Our mail is
Hope to meet you in Korea.


I am glad to find you on this forum. My name is Jorgen from Canada. I have been fascinated by this product. I am married to a Korean citizen. My wife and I are planning on moving to Korea by the end of this year. We would very much like to have these machines built in Korea, because we are planning on using them there. We would greatly appreciate it if you could please send some info regarding your business. If you wish, I can ask my wife to write you in Korean if that makes it easier for you. My personal email is: Thank you.

Our studio is in Eulji-ro, Seoul. So we bought it motor-shop nearby.
Cheonggyecheon have a lot lot of tool shopping center along the street where can find almost every tool and motor.

I like the looks of your motor, where did you find that? Also added you to our map currently set at Seoul. Let me know if you have a more specific location.