Build with plastic

With soooo much raw material I believe in recycling on a larger scale. It would be possible to extrude 2″ x 4″ x 8, 10, 12 ft. long and also engineer connector cross members and various angle connectors to build housing and interior walls in buildings and just about anything else. With proper testing and development we could come up with a blended product that is strong but not brittle to accept fasteners. This would not only take care of the plastic waste, it would save our global forests too. I have a large recycling company next door to me that is already involved in structural extruding for it’s plastics so lets get really serious and make a revolutionary difference.


I am actually thinking starting with fence posts here back home lots of plastic to recycle…

Hey. Sounds like a great idea. I know of a company in the states that produces building materials from waste plastic. My question is what type of plastic would you use and how long would the process take to produce one 2x4x8 ? and what would you use as a mold.