Building a Shredder

Hello All,

I became very enthusiastic when I read that everyone can start recycling plastic.
Once you’ve watched the videos you will be ready to start your own little recycling factory.

I watched the videaos but I do not have the skills to start my own little recycling factory. First thought was maybe I can buy the equipment, but was surprised by the prices.

So ten I thought maybe there is a workshop that I can attend, could not find one. Then I thought to reach out on the community hooping that I can find people here that can help me out building the needed equipment to start.

Thanks in advance.

Simon Knulst


Forgot some info sorry

I am situated in Alkmaar, so I am looking for people in that area. Ofcourse I am willing to travel so lets say the area am searching in is Noord-Holland.

hoop there are self minded people that want to start this project together.

regards Simon

yeah, those prices might be valid if you have very good equipment and a lot of skills to process whatever scrap. That is an ongoing argue we have with Dave. We are sorry to see you being mislead …

As said, get this from flea markets or new :
1. angle grinder, better new, 40 Euro
2. stick welder, 180A min., around 50 second hand, otherwise better take a new MIG welder for 500+
3. a drill press, if you are lucky to get a old but big one, 300 Euro, or 300 new (will be much smaller), try to get the biggest you can
4. hand tools, thread cutters, around 100 Euro on flea markets
5. a heavy and solid bench, with a vise, 100 Euro
6. metal band saw, entry model 500 Euro, 300 second hand = absolute must have.

at this point you can start sourcing the parts whilst training a little with the stick welder and also try to make good holes in metal.

after you learned how to weld ok enough (a few days) and polish metal with the angle grinder, as well you can make holes you should be fine to make molds and build the machines.

this you cant get second hand for the shredder:
– laser parts, min. 250 Euro
– nuts and bolts, consumables, 50 – 100 Euro
– evtl. the tubings, 100 Euro
– evtl. sheet metal for the hopper, 30 Euro
– couplings, 60 – 100 Euro
– hexbar, drive shaft , 40 – 100 Euro

ask Dave him self where is golden scrap yard is 🙂 evtl. you can get the motor and reducer there , if not 450 Euro for a new 2.2Kw motor with reducer, still needs a VFD (inverter) to make it work with single phase, the VFD gives you also max. control over the motor.

please check the map, be aware that 30-50 % of the map data is invalid …

good luck,

btw. always check the forum and instagram to get more inspiration, some PP machines are obsolete/outdated due to new community versions, machines, … 🙂

Pporg, thanks a lot for your fast response.

I saw on the project site that building materials (scrapyard materials) would cost between € 200,- and € 300,-. This is ofcourse excluded tools. There for I am seeking for people with the right skills to teach me or help me out.

I made the assumption that people with the right skills would have also the tools needed.

I have not the idea that I could support a family with recycling plastics, its more that it is a nice way to do something for planet earth. And ofcourse a investment is needed and I am willing to invest but not thousands of euro’s.

I can invest a couple of thousand euro’s but not my life

And I am well a where that also a lot of time need to be invested in, networking etc. Also I got time to invest.

do you know when and where in Den Haag or where to find the info.

thanks again for responding


another route you can take :

– checkout all the instagram profiles around precious plastic (see our account for followers/…)
– checkout the forum here for smaller projects (‘desktop injection’)
– there are ways to make objects/products without buying all that machines. an oven (pizza oven) and a hand made mold (steel plates) could give you already something

here is one of my recent favorites :\_source=ig\_web\_button\_share\_sheet

hey, the next are in Den Haag. About the prices, yeah sorry. Building this machines from scratch with no skills can be very very expensive since you need at least the basic tools : angle grinder, drill press, welder, hand tools, etc… around 400 – 1000 Euro alone. This tools you may need anyways to get really active and serious. Be prepared to watch endless youtube videos to get the skills needed. However, as soon have at least the basic tools, you can start getting the components like motor and the laser cut parts. Even though, a shredder will still cost around 500 – 1000 Euro.  Even for skilled people, there is too much labor involved to build this machines, that’s why it’s soo expensive in the bazar. The price / value ratio is beyond sane …

Unfortunately what’s also wrong with the impressions created on the main page: you can’t simple start making $$ by just having the machines. It takes very long time to get there … Even if you can dedicate full time to get a product, it’s a complete whole new story to sell it. Networking/Partnering (designers, distributors) is the key, takes months …

However, I know that around 5% of the community could manage to make a living from that.