Building Alternative to PVC Pipe

Hello! I am building a product that currently uses virgin 4” diameter PVC pipe. Howver, I’d like to explore options that do not involve virgin PVC. Would someone in this community near Boston, MA, USA be able to create a recycled plastic version of a 4” diameter PVC pipe? I’m looking to create lengths of 12”, 24”, and 30”. Thank you!


To clarify: this would NOT be used for running fluids or gassed through. It’s just for a fun project (fitness product that I think could have real commercial legs).

Hi, I’m in the UK,
It seems to me that anyone who re-purposes PVC pipe should be commended as it is hard to re-process.
Your project appears to be designed around an existing product, but one which has few other purposes (the transfer of liquids) and can’t then be easily re-processed, so…. I feel you are approaching this in the wrong way (sorry).
How about looking at what can be created from recycled plastic, such as ‘plastic lumber’, then design your project with that in mind.
You could create huge , flat sheets of HDPE and then bend them into a tube, but that sounds too complex.
If you get off-cuts of 4″ pipe, how about re-purposing into bird houses (examples online)?
If you want me to look at your project to find a solution, I don’t mind signing a non-disclosure agreement – I’m a prolific inventor myself… and no interest in this field!