Building Blocks

Building shelters from recycled plastic.


hi @juzarshabbir, at what stage is the research going?
Do you have any specifications for these blocks? (size, material, production method)

As far as I can see this is a 3d printed small-scale model.

Does precious plastic have blue prints for building a rotomold machine?

Hi. Earlier tou mentioned about rotomolding as a option for casting bigger blocks. After my prelimunary research, I too have come to the same conclusion. I will need some help to build a working rotomold machine.

Of all the efforts I have seen, the idea/system of a lego like block seems most usable (for interlocking, and yet keeping it hollow)
it will not be easy to make it … you’ll need a big and really good mold

@scrapemist, fyi: your topic has been merged with this one. There are a couple of topics started regarding this idea, you could search for that on the forum.

@wanjiru no, even I mailed then and haven’t heard from them yet

There is a huge amount of plastic that need to be recycled. I love all the beautiful crafty pieces I see here but we need to make alot of fruitbowls to reduce the pile.
Would it be possible to make some kind of buildingblock from recycled plastic, like a huge legoblock and build a house with it? Just a crazy idea maybe.
I was just thinking how to turn all this plastic into something that holds value over a long period of time.
Any ideas?

I love this idea it has been done already but I think what we need is to collborate on recipes for strength and a pattern for interlocking etc,etc
have a look at this.

Dear Sharma,

I would like to join into this conversation. I am new on this forum. I watched on youtube what conceptoplastic are doing which was amazing. I would be interested in learning how to make this building blocks. I did try to get in touch with Oscar (the proprietor) but I have not received a response to my email, to date. Have you gathered additional information on this as yet?



Amazing project. Perhaps Dave could communicate with them and Conceptos Plasticos may be happy to share some information we could all benefit from.
Good luck

Anyone know how make mould
I want to produce eco-friendly construction blocks from plastic

Ever blocks and conceptos plasticos provides only wall systems. I need the floor and roof system made of plastic as well. I need something that addresses all the three, walls, floor and roof,simultaneously.

I have gone through the innovations of conceptos plasticos. And it is fantastic. But I was trying to work out a different module. Maybe some one can help me identify a appropriate method of molding bigger blocks from recycled plastic.

its not exacly what i had in mind but it is quite simular

you should have a look at Conceptos Plasticos , they have the best and the most practical design for construsction material made out of recycled plastic, infact they specialize in making cheap housing for the poor. in the attached photos youll see they have these extruded beam which resemble the letter X, which are placed on the corners of the houses and then the bricks are slid into the cavity. The picture make it clear how they work. Im not sure their design is open source but I dont think they will have a problem if you use it, better confirm with an email.

Now the question is how to manufacture it with the Precious Plastic machines, one option is to extrude the beams with the extruder using the method method showed by Dave in one of the video, but itll require making a mold of the shape and make the “bricks” from compression using a specialsed mold. Maybe others from the community can suggest or maybe try on their existing machines.

is it posible to make s system with corner bloks rods and flate plate?

ive used scetch up a free 3d drawing program so can someone help me to convert it to grab cat or a other useble progam?

Check out they’ve been around the forum

Making them hollow is a good idea. I do not know much about rotomoulding. Can waste plastic be used in rotomolding? What if we keep the boxes hollow, reduce the amount of plastic, and still go with the Injection molding technique?


Each plane a size of 2’x2’and 4″thick.

That is volume of approx. 37.7 liters. Injecting this would be impossible in the scale of Precious Plastic. You’d be better off compressing these plates and cutting into the right shape. Alternatively you could look into rotomoulding them (making hollow boxes) and filling them (for example with sand)