Building Precious Plastic Machines in the USA

I am based in Portland OR here in the USA and am offering partial and complete machine building services. So far I have built a number of shredder mechanisms for people assembling their own machines and have more shredders, extrusion and injection machines in process right now that are being built for customers and hope to have pre-made machines available in the next month or two.

Current listings can be found in the Bazar HERE

Though I am just getting started with plastic machine production, I have been in business for 18 years, designing, building and selling specialty products and shipping all over the world.

For anyone looking to purchase a complete machine or sub-assembly to assemble their own machine, please get in touch.


Hi Justin, this is great. Thank you for your work. I would purchase all 4 machines from you if you were to build and finish them, I do not currently have that skillset. Keep us posted here, although I live in Colorado I travel through Oregon and Washington from time to time. Good luck building!

I am in Fort Collins, CO we are eagerly anticipating one of Justin’s shredders and are currently working on our extrusion machine.  That makes 4 from Colorado.


There is a bit or a wait list right now, but anyone interested in having machines built should get in touch, there’s a busy summer ahead.

Sorry, I didn’t see this last comment earlier.

Making consistent filament can be tricky with the basic extrusion machine and perhaps more so with human power if you extrusion speed is not well regulated.  However it sound like it would be a cool experiment. I could certainly build you the basic extrusion setup but it would probably get a bit pricey for me to do a one-off pedal powered drive system.

Hello!! Im thinking of starting this where I am (Florida) i was thinking of making my shredder human powered (bicycle belt?) And wanted the extender to be set up for making 3D filaments. Any suggestions or estimates??

Thank you for sharing your talents

Hey there! I’m up near WinterPark. There’s at least three of us Coloradans here!

Hi @elsa, I’m currently living in Colorado Springs. Driving to Denver could be worth some trips for collaboration. Soon I am taking a trip to Oregon and am likely to pick up a shredder and possibly extruder from ole friend Justin here, but am still going over details before solid plans are put into action. If you ever come through CS, say hello. My current projects are bicycle-related, and am curious at what plastic items I could craft for the cycling enjoyment, so many things!


What part of Colorado are you in? Looking for people in Denver or nearby to collaborate with.


@justinc I can tell you all Justin is a great builder.

I do have listing on the Bazar but have been receiving inquires from both sites as well as the Facebook group.

Great news @justinc
I would appreciate if you could post your services on the Precious Plastic Bazar as well, that would help people find you easier