Building report extrusion machine

hello folks , im a new member of this community.
in this topic i want to show you my progress on building my own extrusion machine.
on the first pictures you can see the electric motor and the speed regulator that is found second hand. i ordered an reductor that is still on its way and will arrive in 2-3 days. the electric motor was making strange noises so i have to replace the bearings.

Here are a few pictures of the progress so far

the finished frame

hello folks , here is a new picture with the extruder barrel completely assembled with the heating elements and thermocouples

@willem, Holy s***, that are good thoughts. You know what, I am doing a semi-professional near-no-compression screw next time in October; just to check out with what results we’re left with for a v3/v4 extruder injector attachment. Me too, I think that heat, vents, dead on temperature, feeds and speeds,… seem to be everything in this trade, doesn’t have to be that expensive (still 3k+)
see you in a bit 🙂

Again about the exstruderbar ,
And where I come from , I got soms tool and di background .
If used HDPE and specificly that kind of HDPE used for it’s balistic property ,
Is resycled , than a called none compression exstruderbar is used , question ?
Why is that so ? Well it’s diffuculd to process , in exstreme quantaty ,
It is exstreme hard to not develop realative cold spots ! That , hinder a good thoughput of melted or close to melted , consistency everywhere in de mixing ,
That’s why , it’s not easy to develop highend exstruder bars that are going to be
as much problemfree , in high througput , exstruders running throuble free , withouth downtime , for months of years , going withouth high maintanance , andmaney tool changhes ,

Hence the use of a none compression exstruderbar , but a well heated and regulated ,process ,  that gets around the not cooperating parts in the melt making
It hard , to keep things moving along , besides that that type of HDPE is’t going to be in the real high volume processes , a none compression exstruderbar , does’t have to be engenered for huge volume processing exstruders ,

My thinking is like this , a low pressure none compression exstruder bar can have a srew thread welden on using , the kind of welded on metal used topping up the cutter edges on soms bandsaws , and this way a semi coopying is done , of industriële highend , lasting forever with no wearing down ??? Perfect exstruderbar. Big industry had no problem , paying big money for !!! That most of is don’t have in our back pockeds every day ,

Just my two bits !
Forget the holy grale of the best for less ,
Just het away from that Wood auger drilbit , withbit with very limited use !

Cheers , w.hennevelt

Hi @willem,
nice to see you back. Yes, this seems reasonable but honestly, 3 years ago I didn’t even know what an extrusion screw is and I just started a year ago understanding the basics of this trade. To me, the border between DIY and ‘professional’ is fading away every day. This activity is pretty demanding and exhausting. To make sense of it, I don’t see any other choice than chasing for every little quality but also quantity you can get of ‘recycled’ plastic. In top, I’ve got a few times told that competing with virgin plastic is not a business model and currently, the extruder seems to be the only promising candidate to make this activity a little more viable since certain products could be even automated (pellets, pipes, beams,…).

Imagine, you’re asking your buddies in the bar ‘how many PET beams did make  yesterday’ ? Even though, I had the best toolmaker of the region as my dad, I am still puzzled how extruding plastic can be a hobby for anyone 🙂

For a exstruder in the low end and slow diy ,
A low ki exstruderbr called a none compression srew !
Is used in fact with ultra high molucular , HDPE !!! For re use , the melting
I suppose happens less through friction , and moor by heating elements ,
And the exstrudersrew would be pretty straight forward  moor like a transport srew , and closer to a wooddril (srew )  high end production exstruders , are very exspencive , and not nessesarely even better for a low end setting of production , I think
High end exstruders are for highend production needs , that cause exstra ordinary wear and , sindce they get a exstreme lot of work to do , and downtime is a big in  a megaroduction factory, those creteria are not needed in DIY settings ,

the motor that i have is an 750 w with 1:30 reductor and vfd controller.
the screw is 25mmØ , the barrel and screw are rejected stuff from my work.

dude, that’s a serious device you have there, makes me cry and fall apart in pure jealousy. do you mind to give us some links where you sourced the parts ? names, anything …

looking at the screw & heatbands, you should be fine with 800 W, 3 phase motor via VFD and a 1:30 – 40 reducer. just for inspiration but at this level I would use a professional hopper with drying function, maybe with feed control as well …
thanks for sharing !

And some more pictures