Building the machines in Cuba

Hello forum,

I will soon be travelling to Cuba to make a short film about their approach to innovation after decades of economic embargo. There’s some research on this concerning the more “product design” aspects of this innovation, based on the work of Ernesto Oroza. Perhaps this is the most watched film about the specifics of this phenomenon: Cuba's DIY Inventions from 30 Years of Isolation - YouTube  In our film we will try to cover other aspects of how this creative people have dealt with the embargo, specially in education and digital tech.

A new group of young and enthusiastic people in Havana are starting a collective that is trying to disseminate these skills through workshops. Last time I was there I told them about Precious Plastics (they do not have internet either) and they were super-interested. They have gathered some of the materials to build the machines themselves. Things are not easy to get by in Cuba, metal is very precious there and pretty much everything is re-used, except plastic, plastic is a problem just like it is in the rest of the world. I would like to bring a shredder box with me the next time I go there because this is something that they cannot easily make there. Unfortunately the cost of a pre-cut shredder box is too high for this collective. The salary of the average Cuban is 40,- eur per month, so the cheapest shredder box is comparatively very expensive.

I am helping a little with what I can, but I was wondering if there’s anybody in the Netherlands that can source the parts for a shredder box for cheap. Please get in touch if you think you can help!

I brought the videos on a usb stick to Ciba
There is alot of potential there, I found a bike shop with a metal lathe in Santa Marta. Trouble is they do not speak english.  Do you know of any videos translated or dubbed over?
I am visiting again at end of January.

Natnael; there’s a substantial Ethiopian community in Australia. Do you think you could find assistance from them?

Hi am from Ethiopia  and we are also interested on developing the machine the main obstacle here is not about internet but we cant afford  to buy the machines but me and my friend  have small work shop  and we are fully devoted to design and manufactur every part of recycled palstic sherreder and extruder with sand machine with our bare hand to establish tile making shop as bussines  entruprner so need little bit of help from your exprince sir 😕😕
Thanks inadvance

If you are visiting again Cuba with the USB full of information and want to spread it to more people already involve in cultural issues. I recommend to contact a friend of mine at her name is Yanelys Nuñez she is a very active cultural investigator and productor . I meet her in Spain  she is in contact with a looots of persons in the island. It’s an idea. Check it out in instagram as: yanelys_nl Kisses! Good luck!