Building the shredder in China!

Hey Guys !
Our team is located in China, Qingdao and we are happy to announce to make progress in the Shredder !
We already got the parts for the shredder and found a little motor on the second hand market.
The costs for the shredder laser parts were about 600rmb ( about 72€ )
And the price of the motor was about 300rmb ( about 39€ ) which means we got all the difficult parts for 900rmb ( about 111€ in total )
We will update this topic as often as we can ! We’re really excited about the project and if you are in Asia / China too just write us a message or put your questions right in this topic !! Here are some pictures of our achievements.


Hey and welcome @qingdaolan !

Thats a great price so far 🙂

Is it stainless?

Keep us updated with your progress and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Hello! My name is Fernanda Chima and I am joining the Beijing Precious Plastic community to start our centre asap.
I would love to know how you are linking Precious Plastic to education, as that is exactly what we want to do!
We could also appreciate some details about how the machines work in China, if we need any permissions to sell the products or offer an education curriculum linked to plastic processing from the government.
Let’s get in touch!
(you can also add me on wechat: ferchima)

I need to build on these shredders for my project #People’sPlasticPlan but I need it to be smaller and cheaper than it is at present. If there is anyone in the group who wants to work with me on this project please wave and cheer.  Get in touch. Andrew

我人在天津这边,也想弄一个这样的工作室, 想问一下怎么样联系到你们!想 跟你们学习交流一下。

Hey 🙂

Great news! We can finally tell you that we not only are a workshop for beautiful precious plastic products but also a manufacturer for SHREDDERS AND COMPRESSORS in and around CHINA.
So if you are interested in one of these products, don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂
we don’t have them in the bazar yet, but will add them soon.
Have a great weekend guys !

<span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Mi nombre es Luis quiero darles las gracias a todos por compartir sus ideas y proyectos .soy colombiano, estoy, ahora viviendo en Nueva Zelanda y quiero hacer algo veneficioso por Nueva Zelanda y nuestro planeta si alguno de ustedes. <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>puede dar información sobre cómo conseguir las cuchillas para la trituradora aquí en NZ. <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Oh por lo menos en un país cercano. <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Estoy un poco limitado con el idioma Inglés. <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>. <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Es unPoco complicado la comunicación y se ha dificultado mucho, muchas gracias, espero que me respondan pronto, me sera de gran ayuda

<span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”><span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Hola mi nombre es Luis quiero darles las gracias por sus comentarios y contemos que soy colombiano y estoy viviendo en Nueva Zelanda y estoy limitado con el inglés. mi familia también. no se puede conseguir las cuchillas para la trituradora, si alguno de ustedes puede dar información sobre la agradeceria. <span style=”vertical-align: inherit;”>Sera de gran ayuda quiero hacer algo por nuestro planeta

Hola mi nombre es Luis quiero darles las gracias por sus comentarios  y contarles que soy Colombiano encuentro viviendo en Nueva Zelanda y estoy limitado con el English el proyecto de hacer algo por nuestro planeta recuperando Desechos plásticos nos hace sentir muy bien al igual a mi familia también .no se donde conseguir las cuchillas para la trituradora ,si alguno de ustedes me puede dar información le agradeceria. Sera de gran ayuda quiero hacer algo por nuestro planeta

Hi Guys,

I’m Luke a British guy living in Shenzhen. We are just about to start on our precious plastics journey and hope to get advice from the community here. Tonight I will present about the Precious Plastic project to our local community of Designers, Makers, Hackers

I have some concerns about the project, which have likely been voiced by others and I’d like to get your thoughts on them.

Right now we are  still looking for a suitable venue to put the machines and operate them, some of us operate out of makerspaces in residential areas where we have outdoor spaces to build the machines, but they are certainly not suitable for processing the plastics.

My main concern is the fumes from the melting plastic, The plastic fumes can be toxic and we should be aware of this and take the proper safety precautions to avoid inhaling the fumes, I wondered what precautions other precious plastics projects have taken and whether its possible to fit the machines with filters to reduce the emissions.

Thanks all, look forward to being part of the community

That’s great guys I hope you found the molds and I’ll be following you in Facebook too. Keep going, you’re and inspiration

this is awesome! any chance of shipping to australia? im after shredder parts at the moment.

@qingdaolan well done on your machines 🙂

Make sure to add yourself to our map and upload some pictures there so people can find you and collaborate with you.

Keep it up!

And of course … a video.

Pretty excited to tell you these awesome news:

We finally Finished the Shredder !

We had some problems with our motor so we used a new one ( description on the pictures below ) we also made a Frame out of Hard-Plastic.
We also tested it with some
PET-bottles and it works fine.

Additionally, we have been working on the Compressor and got our first Mold. The Fruit basket from the Download kit is finished and ready to use.
Now, we just have to connect the oven with our steel-frame. We really hope to do this until Friday this week.

Since we want to do this project with Chinese schools and we only have ONE MOLD we are desperately seeking for BLUEPRINTS & IDEAS for our project. Do you guys know any websites / free blueprints we could use ?
We would love to make little pots, flower pots, Hexagons or cutting board to cut vegetables on.
We would love if you have any ideas for a mold. We searched on many topics here in the forum too but unfortunately can’t find some blueprints.
Thanks for your help in advance !

HEY Guys !

Sorry for the late reply –
My name is Hendrik – Barbara Xu is the leader of our group.

Feel free to visit our page on Facebook :

We are doing kids education here in china as well @irmalibrayex ! Sounds awesome what you’re doing at the moment ! If you like you can ad me on WeChat: Henne1992

Well sorry for the late reply – we had some trouble to leather the rod / ace and Also had some problems with the laser parts since some of them were not thick enough – they are also not stainless ! Only the blades were stainless …
well at least we fixed the motor and finally leathered the rod.
Tomorrow I can tell you more about our progress – we also build the compression and have found a great oven.
We will keep you updated and hope if we have some problems, you can help us too 😄

Hi Guys

I am fresh to watch your Facebook clip this morning and really excited about what you have done!

Not far from Qingdao, I am located in Jinan, the capital of Shandong (no ideas if you have visited this city or not). Now in Paris for the major of Plastic Arts.

I really hope you could continue your project and bring it to China mainland for solving the city’s problem.

And it is could be used in artistic mades that we may open an atelier/studio in city for families or children for the daily life.

I’ve no idea about it’s now only a industrial/product model or it could be developed as a portable machine installed in family or in district?

Thanks for reading.


Brilliant!!! <3 i would love to build a machine i always try to make things from rubbish