Hi the community,
no special tools for what I did…

-kitchen mold
-precious plastic


-kitchen mold

Great to see you experimenting and learning, thanks for you insites

Hi and thanks for all the questions.

silicon mold, PP, temperature at thermostat 5,5 😀 approx. 165/170° for 1/2 hour… But I did it 2 times…

Bubble problems at the first try.
What we see on those pictures are not the bubbles problem… When I put in place the button back in the mold (seeing that there were bubbles) for the second ‘cooking’… They were not anymore align with the original holes 😅 and in 1/2 hour the second time was sufficient to remove the first little bubble but not this big empty place see detail hereunder… 😶 (if you mean the little black things… It is because my oven was dirty 😲)

Others production will follow in other post

Well done, those look amazing for such a simple method! Really nice smooth finish from the (silicone?) mould.

What temperature did you use and for how long? Are they HDPE(2)? Did you have any problems with air bubbles, I can see a few small ones?

–> our buttons

-precious plastic