Buy less plastic

Hi there,

I am from NZ and just wondering if anyone here (I’m sure there is!) is reducing or changing their shopping habits to purchasing less plastic by purchasing more products with sustainable packaging or even better, no packaging if possible!

Even veggies and fruits are packaged in plastic now, and people buy them thinking its more convenient. Simply picking from the ones that aren’t in plastic will prevent this! Or growing your own 🙂

And if anyone has any tips or wise words on this topic … or any similar to it would be appreciated. 🙂


I’d like to add this,

Buy less plastic but, when you buy plastic buy recycled plastic if in any way possible. If nobody buy’s recycled plastic the crap will never get cleaned up.

We should also re-invent the supermarkets… insane how much plastic you see in supermarkets these days 50% is food the other 50% is packaging materials. Plastic, paper, glas. Often double packaged… A bag in a box …Kellogs-crap, or bags-in-a-bag-in-a-box-in-a-plastic-wrap … Lipton-crap

Designers… Some should be send to Siberia