Buy your laser cutted parts here!

i am Manuel and I created a website where you can buy the laser cutted parts to build your shredder. For more informations about the conditions and the pricing go on my website.


If you want share the link of my website with other people because then it will be cheaper for all of us.

Have a good time!


hello manuel
Very interesting your proposal, but I’m in Colombia, the shipping I guess is freaking expensive.

Thank you @mr-hirn
I’ll add your store to our official thread at

Hello @xxxolivierxxx,
our shop is online. You will find it on:

Hello @toochi84,
The shop is online. Got to:

Also awaiting availability to compare pricing with local shops in the US.

Hello @xxxolivierxxx,
you are right. Our webshop is still under construction. The good news is that our shop will be available in one or two days. Than you can order the LCP-Kit.

Here some additional informations: We offer the LCP-Kit in two different versions. Once made of steel, this is The CHEAP version and once The ORIGINAL made of stainless steel. The steel version will be available right now and the stainless steel version can be pre-ordered and will be delivered as soon as available. Expected on June 30, 2017.

Best wishes from Germany

Manuel Hirn

Hello @mr-hirn
I’m interested in adding your website to our official compilation of machine and parts sellers, but I had a hard time finding out how to buy the shredder on your site. Is it still under construction?

The new Website is located here:

– Easy order the LCP Kit (laser cutted parts) on our Website
– Free shipping within Europe
– With each sold series we support the project Precious Plastic

(Available from 20/06/2017)

Great idea.
I’f anyone needs a machine in USA, I recommend you to contact and by email, they worked together to adapt the machine units to use Imperial measures, and they can sell you a fully assembled machine, or the laser cut parts.


I’m not sure of the exact cost, but they’ll let you know if you get in touch with the seller.

I don’t think they have anything to do with this project, but again, worth checking!



Hey @birdynamnam,
thanks for the information and the good feedback.
Build these guys the shredder with the parts from Dave Hakkens or build they the shredder with their own parts?
Can you tell me how much the whole shredder unit cost at these guys?

Thanks and best wishes

This is a great idea. More volume lowers costs! Well done Manuel Hirn.

I also came across this recently:

They say they will make the whole shredder unit too.
Not sure if they ship across Europe, but might be worth getting in touch.


Hello @paprieto,
your guess is correct. It would cost about 100€. That would make no sense. So sorry about that but I hope you will find the parts anywhere else to build your own shredder.

Best wishes