CAD v3 Files still not fixed

So I just got a order back from laser.


I used the STEP CAD file to design a laser cut hopper.  I knew the CAD file was shorter than the laser layout files, 12 blades vs 15.


But also this!


I used the latest files in the download pack.


This cost a lot of money as I used the CAD file supplied and made 12 hoppers from galvanized steel + CNC bending.




Yeah well stopped counting … it’s way too much and apparently there is no such thing as ‘minus’ in PP, at least not in public 🙂 We have been even thinking to create a foundation for lucky blade Nr. 15 …

Eventually you can use / correct the offset in your next batch ….

Btw. we also have a 3-in-one machine in the pipe, sheet roller/maker, compression & injection. Possibly we can share efforts … 🙂

v3 is apparently larger,


However v2 step file is in the download pack, and the  axle layout drawing is for a smaller v2 shredder as well

little correction, the f3d file is for Fusion360 and the others for SolidWorks & others and contain the complete assembly.

According to Github, indeed there was no update since ages.
I am honestly lost :open_mouth:

ok, then there is the problem, dwg was meant for overview files only but I agree, they shouldn’t be there.

DWG is the format that my laser provider takes.  Not a scaling issue, the step file was never updated in the download pack to v3



v3 CAD models are not in the current download pack.  Just downloaded it again a few min ago.

From what i understand it’s possible that you mixed a dwg file into your scene. those may not be up to scale as the dxf.
you can however import dxf files into Fusion-360 (or whatever), do the changes and re-export them for the laser service. I left the dxf files for a 32 mm hexbar here (don’t use the side plates). You can also open the CAD files in in Fusion360 and go from there; it has dxf export for shapes and I think this was done like this to create the dxf files.



the step files?  Or the overview?  so you are saying you reduced the size?


Because I downloaded the new pack recently and it still had the same files.


Can someone post the bigger step file model?


I have based all my designs around the larger machine as shown in the overview.


so i had another look at the files :
1. Github is in sync with the Zip file
2. I couldn’t reconstruct the error in SolidWorks
3. Just to make sure we’re using the same words and meanings:
– dwg files : meant for overviews. I don’t know of laser services accepting those. Normally they want one dxf per shape
– f3d files :  Fusion360
– the other files (iges, sat, step) can be opened in SolidWorks
– dxf files: for laser services
4. the dxf files for the side plates in shredder and the upgrade folder are the same.

Nonetheless, I am writing a guide for the download kit in the wiki. There has been often confusion and I understand your frustration. I hope you can use the hoppers still for the next batch or find another way.

@katharinaelleke, machine shops have their own ways doing things, often under pressure; having intact & correct input material is an absolute must.
thanks for looking at it. i am leaving remarks in the wiki & machine library til it’s fixed.
thanks again 🙂

Hey @btmetz very sorry to hear about that.

But from what I see, you used the files for the Version 2.1 shredder, not the V3 upgrade (which is another folder in the download pack).

AND the first image probably comes from the “Overview” file, which is a PDF showing the quantities of all 6mm parts. This is not meant to be used as a lasercut file, it’s only an overview document.

Only the dxf files are suppose to be used for lasercutting.

Sorry if something got mixed up in your process. It seems like it worked fine for everyone else (I also used these files and had no troubles)  🤔

But we will give it another look!


You can still adjust and use the hoppers now, can’t you?

It is at least $150usd that will not go towards the R&D of my new combo compression mold/injection mold machine or a week salary for my



Hey Btzmetz,
welcome to precious plastic 🙂  Sorry to hear about your losses, dude.

Whomever did the download pack, exported updated files for laser layout, but failed to export and update the solid CAD files.


Now i am sitting on a big pile of expensive scrap