Calculating plastic strength (tensile and compressive)

I am building a muscle-powered version of the shredder for my profielwerkstuk (the dutch equivalent of EPQ). To do this I have to theoretically calculate the strength of PET, HDPE, PP, PVC and PS. Is it possible to theoretically calculate the tensile and compressive strength of these different types of plastics and if so, how can I calculate it?


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This might answer your question:

Compressive strength

Tensile strength

To get a pretty accurate estimate of the material properties you can look at the datasheet of the plastic in question. to find the datasheet just type “[plastic in question] datasheet” and look around. Feel free to ask further questions

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@thegrenengineers I am interested in making surfboard fins and experimenting with different plastics and composites like this example of fins already in production.

May i ask why you need these details? What are you trying to do with them.