Can hoist motor be used as Shredder machine motor

Hello precious fellows

we are fortune enough to give precious plastic a start in Turkey.we are currently struggling finding proper motor for shredder in Turkey. Motors we found are way expensive like 1400 Turkish liras. which is equal to minimum wage.

we found a hoist which can lift 600 to 1200 kg for half the price. i upload a photo. what do you think can this thing be used as shredder motor, will it work?


ive seen people use these for the plastics shredder, however i dont know how they are doing it as these motors have a ( workrate s3-20% 10mins )

im not an expert on this but i believe this means the motor will stop after a few mins to cool down,. might not perform long enough to shred /??

alternatively you if you are willing to Rigg other products to fit the needs of the shredder, you could try the same thing as i am doing, check this forum. i paid £65 for a garden mullcher.

shredder build IDEA

@kettlekekkers thank you for the reply, and yes i contacted the technical services of the machine, they said the same thing. machine need to cool down after couple of minutes ( max 10-15min )

this pdf might help explain ”