Can the Shredder Knives be molded from HDPE

HI Guys,

This may sound crazy but can the Shredder knives be moulded from plastic?

Then you screw a then metal blade to the cutting tip.

Would a HDPE Shredder Knife be strong enough in conjunction with the metal blade not to break?

You would need to re-design the shredder knife.

So long as you are careful and dont place any heavy duty plastic in the Shredder could it possible survive?

Just thinking out side of the box!

O yea. it would make a very nice paper shredder. 🙂 . Naw but on a serious note generally the rule of thumb is that the material that the cutter is made out of has to be harder and tougher than the material being cut.

this is interesting 🙂 dave design is great, i still wondering if there is more cheap way to do this like aluminium blade, wood-body shredder machine (jeremy fielding youtube channel), shredder machine from electric planner ( ), etc… or maybe the industrial fibre composite one…

What wattage of laser cutter. and fiber, co2 what tyhpe of laser.

here are some calcs for you i will post the sim images later.

Sounds like you know what your talking about. Time today find a laser cutter.

Cool. Interested to see what ur findings are.

Trying to find a way to keep costs down and use resources available to me.

But if there’s no other option then so be it.

Yea like a carbide insert in a cutter. I know what you mean i currently work in a machine shop part time. i wonder if that is also something that can be done you just fill up a box and run a shell mill (face mill) in there in small steps tell everything is shreds.

it is a interesting idea the this is that most of the force is going to be transferred onto the plastic so the plastic has to be able to take it. i will post a strength simulation of my shredder on here for you tomorrow.

Totally agree but I’m suggesting to screw a small metal tooth in essence to the hdpe shredder knive, to act as the knife life attached image.

I will have to think further about this.