Can you build our compression or injection mould£

Hey lovely people,

We are making modular tech products with flexible plastic waste that is not recycled by councils. We are looking for some one to build the aluminium compression / injection moulds for our first product the Gomi speaker. We have the mould designs, we just need them proof checked and cnc milled!
You can find out more here.

We know this community has a lot of talent and we looking for a cost effective method of carrying this out. We are more than happy to give some money to some of you to make it happen or of course for you to guide us.

We are ideally looking for the mould to be done for less than £1,000. We have won £11,000 to make this project come to reality and we nearly out of cash.

The project will be featured on Kickstarter and the press. So please do help us show the tech industry that plastic waste is a beautiful precious material.


Looking forward to hearing back from you lovely people!
Kind regards and lots of love,
Pawan Saunya
People & Marketing at Gomi
+44 7401 065966
Instagram: @gomidesign


i had a look at the stl files, i am not quite sure that are the required files to make the mold. can you check ? However, for 500 Euro we could make you even 2 molds (ballpark). Ideally your files are ready to be imported in Fusion-360, STL files are rather useless… Any other format CAD/CAM format is appreciated.


well, I am sure Andy will do the thing right; I’m more interested in what PP lacks most: the data & details !


Thanks both!

I have sent you both private messages.

Be great to discuss this over email / Skype?



@andyn, if you like we have more mold requests for you as well. could you send or publish your machine details somehow ?

the stl files are deleted but there wasn’t much valuable data as said…
great, i consider my part done 😉

Thanks for the heads-up.

@gomi Yes I might be able to help with this. I’m in the UK and I’ve done a lot of injection/compression moulds.

Where are the STL files? I didn’t see them on the link above.


@andyn please check, could be something for you :-), otherwise we take it on