Can you help build a machine in Tanzania

I have no idea where to start, but I can offer a space to sleep, nourishing organic straight out of the ground food and a nice view.

of course its going to be great working with you…
email :
phone no:0759122000

Hello, we are in South Africa. We can help you with Precious plastic machinary. Do you have anything in mind? We have already supplied machines to Zanzibar, Mozimnique  and our own country South Africa.


Can I ask you: Why do you want to build this? Which products do you have in mind to produce?
I plan to build something like this in Malawi for an NGO to produce parts for a pump. I have a CNC machine at home and can make the needed moulds…

its nice working with you so how are we going to get this started…

Here there, at the moment we are building machines for Tanzania in Germany. Send us a message!