Capacity of the machines

Hello all!

Has anyone managed to work out the production capacity of each of the machines? So, for example, how many kg of plastic can the shredder process in 10 minutes? Or, to give another example, the maximum number of kg of plastic the injection mould or the compression mould can handle at once?

My guess is that this will depend on the type of plastic used, but if anyone has any ‘best guesses’, that would be amazing.

If not, once we’ve got the machines built we’ll be sure to let everyone know!


For the shredder, the more powerful your motor is, the more plastic you can feed through it. but i would say that with enough torque it would probably not take more than 10 or 15 seconds to shred a milk jug or similar, this of course depends on the fineness of the granulate

Interesting topic. I guess though if you wanted a faster machine you’d have to make sure your power supply could handle that. In the case of the shredder it seems industrial wiring is recommended for it, so maybe if you already have that, it could handle the more powerful motor. But for the other machines that don’t require such a powerful motor in the specs, you’d have to make sure you picked something larger from the beginning and had an outlet that could handle such a strong motor. Something worth researching though. especially if you want to produce a lot of shredded plastic and items. I thought about making fence planks with the process they already designed for the one machine. (I live in Alaska so this idea might not be practical with the freezing temps) But the idea would be that I’d need to produce at least 20+ planks for a basic 4ftx4ft yard (very small). So if I wanted it to be widely marketable, I’d have to able to produce a significant amount in a realistic amount of time. Not to mention shredding enough plastic to make the planks.
*continues thinking*-.-
Oh, I think the other concern was saftey. If you get a more powerful motor and it catches something and breaks the blades or the frame in some way, it could cause catastrophic damage to your machine, or body. Cuz, you know, thats important…

But still, if someone figures out a good formula and design for a faster shredder I would be interested in seeing it.

Hi there @ollie2019
From what i have seen from videos of other shredders, they are not super fast at shredding the plastic. The speed ofcourse depends on the type of plastic you are feeding it, but if it is milk jars and shampoo bottles, the size vs the weight will make your shredding quite slow.
I cant tell for certain, but my best gues is that an optimized shredder will produce less than 1 kg of plastic over the span of 10 mins. 🙂