Car Brake or clutch disks into shredder's blades

Hi Guys,
in 5 minutes I may realise by myself that the idea is stupid, but why not to use car brake disks or clutch disks as a base from which to cut out shredder’s blades…?
Mumble mumble…

Most automotive brake discs, and clutch counter-plates, are manufactured using grey iron (i.e. graphite flake iron).  This is ideal because of its self-lubricating friction properties, which gives fairly consistent coefficients regardless of surface speed (i.e. it doesn’t “grab”).  Grey iron is, however, rather brittle, so you may find that it would too easily fracture when subjected to shredding loads.

Some brake discs are made from steel, but it generally has a low to medium carbon content, so will not retain an “edge”.  You can usually tell which discs are steel, as they have to use pads with a high molybdenum disulfide content (to prevent grabbing), and so leave a mess of black powder around the assembly.

But it is good to think of ways to reuse / repurpose old car components – since they are everywhere.  😉

Right! At the end we are not choosing the best material of all, but how to use something that otherwise would just stay there…
maybe it could be dangerous though if blades turn too fast…

The brittleness also allows cracks to propagate rapidly, and combined with the relatively low tensile strength, it means that the blades could possibly snap when subjected to side cantilever loads from jammed plastic.  But you could get away with it, I guess 😉

Goood point!
disk break are also thicker though… isn’it…?
the problem with brittle alloys is in impact right? Maybe that using a belt transmission the impact could be absorbed… make sense…?